These 10 lire are worth a lot of money: check if you have them

In the past we have mistreated them so much, also because it was difficult to dispose of them even in the shops that looked at us badly, very badly as soon as we took them out of the bag. We are talking about coins such as 10 lire. Today, however, they could be worth a lot, not only from a historical and cultural point of view but also from an economic point of view.

It is no mystery that there are coin collectors, always looking for the rarest and most precious pieces. There are some with very short runs which therefore, consequently, have a rather high value. This is the case of a series of 10 lire coins.

From 1936 onwards, as reported on the website, under the reign of Vittorio Emanuele III, they were minted and put into circulation the so-called 10 lire “Empire”. They were 835 silver coins, 27 millimeters in diameter and about 10 grams in weight.

On the obverse there is the king’s head, turned to the right and surrounded by the inscription “Vittorio Emanuele III King and emperor”. On the reverse, however, in the center there is a female figure (allegory of Italy), standing on the prow of a Roman ship; on his left hand he has a winged victory, while on the right a fasces. At the top there is the inscription “Italy”, on the left the thousandth, with the respective year of the fascist era, and at the bottom the nominal value “L.10”.

You should look good in the drawers of the house, because the 10 lire “Impero” of 1936, minted in 618,500 pieces, have a rather high value today and can be worth even more than 200 euros. However, those from 1937 to 1941 are worth even more. They were issued by the Mint only for collectors who requested them. Therefore, although they were legal tender, they were not intended for circulation.

The runs range from 20 to 50 pieces, so their value has grown a lot over time. In the auctions held over the last few years, the value of these coins has touched incredible figures. For example, the 10 lire of 1937 were auctioned for 4,392 euros; those of 1938 were sold for 9,200 euros; those of 1939 reached the figure of 12,980 euros; those of 1940 were awarded to the winner for 8,050 euros; those of 1941 for 11,210 euros.

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