aggressive and vulgar attack – Time

aggressive and vulgar attack – Time
aggressive and vulgar attack – Time

Luciano Violante against Marco Travaglio and the attack that “horrifies” Silvio Berlusconi. “Those words are unnecessarily offensive,” said the former magistrate and speaker of the House in an interview with the Giornale. The director of the Fact on 1 December opened his newspaper insulting the Knight: “No to the guarantor of prostitution” was read in large letters. “You can express something in many ways, but when you do it in an aggressive and vulgar way, it is disqualifying regardless” says Violante.

But can Berlusconi run for the Quirinale? “All citizens who are over fifty years old can stand as candidates. It is up to the parliamentarians to decide who to vote. In any case, people are never offended. It is wrong to use these tones in the political struggle,” said the former magistrate and president of the anti-mafia commission.

Speaking of justice, on the reform Cartabia Violante states that “the reform does not affect the judiciary. In that field, interventions are urgent. Only the members who have been in office for four years need to be renewed in the CSM. The rotation would reduce the improper power of current. The CSM should have two functions: to protect the independence of the judiciary and to ensure the link between the judiciary and other powers of the state. Over time both have failed. The judiciary has isolated itself “.

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aggressive vulgar attack Time

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