they thought he was the new boyfriend of a girl of the same age

they thought he was the new boyfriend of a girl of the same age
they thought he was the new boyfriend of a girl of the same age

They had stalked the 17-year-old until the small lake of Eur in Rome. The victim stood walking with a friend and for this three peers have decided, driven by jealousy, to fill it with kicks and punches, to the point of making him lose consciousness. Now the three alleged perpetrators of the violent attack have been identified and arrested.

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The episode dates back to 4 October last, but today the carabinieri of the Cecchignola station, with the collaboration of colleagues from the Eur company, delegated by the Public Prosecutor’s Office at the juvenile court, carried out an order for the application of the community placement towards three 17-year-olds. The victim, in fact, had reported having been attacked by a pack, while she was walking with a friend, also 17 years old.

The young man was kicked and punched while remaining badly injured, to the point of losing consciousness. Once transported to the hospital, the young man was diagnosed with a post-traumatic subdural hematoma and the partial fracture of the lower jaw. The punitive expedition would be triggered because the attackers suspected that the victim was the new boyfriend of the girl he was walking with. After the notification of the provision, the young people were taken to three different structures.

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thought boyfriend girl age

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