tell me what diet you follow and I’ll tell you what you don’t know about yourself

What diet do you follow? The answer to the test reveals what you don’t know about yourself

It approaches New Year’s and let’s start making the sums of this past year. Let’s review our desserts resolutions which, like every January, we hope to complete, but it is not always said.

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There are those, for example, who had in their ambitions for 2021 to lose a few pounds with one diet more or less correct, gym, etc.
Everything to feel better about ourselves and to show off the new clothes taken in a smaller size just to stay motivated.

Diets exist of a thousand types, from those more moderate to those who totally exclude fat and carbohydrates and end up drinking beveroni detox and without making a mistake.
Obviously, this depends on the person’s choice, what their goal is and how long they have to reach it.

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Precisely for this reason, today we offer you the diet test. With a simple choice you can discover the sides of your character still hidden deep.
Let’s see how to do it together

Test: tell me what diet you follow and I’ll tell you what your personality hides

All of us at least once in our life have tried to lose a few pounds or keep our shape. To do this diet test you have to answer a simple question: are you a person from crash diet or one slower where can you eat a bit of everything?
The answer will reveal which one hidden side of yours character you haven’t known yet.
Let’s start the fun!

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1) Drastic, but fast diet

You hate dieting and follow a strict diet, but when you decide to keep yourself under control you prefer to take off the patch immediately, researching crash diets but able to work fast.

A liquid-only, protein-only, or fruit-only diet every day is pretty much your mantra when trying to lose weight.

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Already from this we understand that you are a person who he wants everything immediately and that when a goal is set it is capable of forgetting what surrounds it, focusing only on its goal without distractions.

On the one hand, this is your way of being enviable, but on the other hand it risks making you lose the sense of collaboration, also leading you to really great sacrifices making your everyday life truly turn out heavy.
As you lose weight and lighten, you find yourself one ballast on the shoulders which makes the job even more difficult.
You are too drastic and you risk losing too many pounds taking off also the smile. Are you sure this is all worth it?

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2) Slower diet, but easy to manage

You prefer in life do things right, but calmly.
Even if you can’t wait to see you in great shape, you are not willing to jeopardize your health and your social life, to limit yourself by eating salad at home so as not to fall into temptation.
Go for one slow diet, but able to adapt to your lifestyle.

All of this proves that you are a person who he knows his stuff and who knows how to give the right priority to things, without ever getting caught up in the heat of the moment.
You have a lot of mind rational and you know how to enjoy life in every aspect, analyzing every difficulty very much calm to then act without having too many problems.

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Sometimes you seem without enthusiasm for your rational way of living in the moment, but you know that in the long run your way of life will pay off.
You know how to feel good about yourself and at the same time, achieve your goals

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