Since when does Lombardy become a yellow zone? What happen? Rules

Could Milan and Lombardy become the yellow zone? What would happen if this were to occur and from when? At the national level, there are many Regions that risk this passage or even that in the orange zone by the end of December.

In particular, our Region, where in the last few days infections and hospitalizations are on the rise (6% of the places in intensive care are occupied while those in the ordinary wards 12), fears the transition to yellow. It cannot be ruled out that the whole of Italy, including Lombardy, becomes a yellow zone at Christmas. “Some regions – said Guido Bertolaso ​​to the microphones of Radio 105, host of the 105 Kaos program – will turn yellow because they are exceeding the limits that have been identified not only by the Government, but in collaboration with the Regions. So it cannot be excluded that maybe before Christmas all of Italy has turned yellow “. If this were to happen, however, the rules would not change much and the most significant change would concern the obligation to wear masks, which would also be extended outdoors.

What would change if Lombardy became the yellow zone

The yellow zone is triggered when the incidence is greater than 50 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants, the occupation of intensive care exceeds 10% and that of the medical areas 15%. However, on a concrete level, it would change little for citizens: from 6 December, in fact, the super green pass decree effectively equates the white area and the yellow area. So the color change for the next 40 days would have less impact on citizens’ lives than in the past.

The biggest change would concern the masks, which in the yellow area would also be worn outdoors. Bars, restaurants and clubs, on the other hand, would remain open (and accessible with the super green pass). Same thing for theaters, cinemas, fairs and other events: there will be no closures and the rules for access will remain those in force in the white zone.


Lombardy yellow zone happen Rules

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