Spotify charts: Sfera Ebbasta most listened to in Italy

02 December 2021 10:11

The annual rankings of songs, albums, artists have been published: the tastes and choices of the 381 million users of the platform

In Italy, behind Sfera we find Blanco, Rkomi, Gué e Capo Plaza, while the single of the summer “Malibu” by Sangiovanni turns out to be the most listened to song. In the top 5 of the tracks there are also “Mi fai crazy” and “Notti In Bianco” by Blanco, “La song nostra” by Mace (with Blanco & Salmo) and “Nuovo Range” by Rkomi (with Sfera Ebbasta). The album with the most streams is “Taxi Driver” at Rkomi, followed by Blanco’s “Blu Celeste” and Madame’s “Madame”. In fourth and fifth position there are “Plaza” of Capo Plaza and “Famoso” of Sfera Ebbasta.

Madame is the most listened to among the artists in Italy followed by Dua Lipa and Ariete. Annalisa, Alessandra Amoroso and Elisa are present in the top 10 respectively in sixth, eighth and tenth position. In the audience analysis, Spotify Wrapped 2021 confirms The Joe Rogan Experience as the most popular podcast in the world, while in Italy it is Professor Alessandro Barbero who conquers the first place with “History Lessons and Conferences” (later “Muschio Selvaggio” by Fedez and Luis Sal, “The Essential” by Mia Ceran, “Very Human Things” by Gianpiero Kesten and “Motivation and Personal Growth”). Also noteworthy are the numbers of Meduza, the trio of Italian producers who have collected almost 800 million streams worldwide.

The artist most listened to globally is the Puerto Rican rapper for the second consecutive year Bad Bunny (followed by BTS, Drake, Justin Bieber and The Weeknd) and the most listened to song is “Drivers License” by Olivia rodrigo which also places the most listened to album with “Sour”. Taylor Swift however, she is the most listened to female artist on Spotify.



Spotify charts Sfera Ebbasta listened Italy

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