‘RADIO PENSIERI’, VOCALELLI: “Rome and Lazio the teams that play worse” – Forzaroma.info – Latest news As Roma calcio – Interviews, photos and videos

‘RADIO PENSIERI’, VOCALELLI: “Rome and Lazio the teams that play worse” – Forzaroma.info – Latest news As Roma calcio – Interviews, photos and videos
‘RADIO PENSIERI’, VOCALELLI: “Rome and Lazio the teams that play worse” – Forzaroma.info – Latest news As Roma calcio – Interviews, photos and videos

Here are the opinions of the protagonists of the Roman radio stations

That of roman radio it is a phenomenon that has no equal in the rest of Italy. A plurality from stations which act as a platform, an array of journalists, ex soccer players e opinion makers to animate the show. Here are the opinions of the protagonists of radio broadcasters:

Gianluca Lengua (Radio Radio Afternoon 104.5): “Mourinho was wrong to say that Zaniolo should go away, he served Tiago Pinto an assist to sell him in June. He was also wrong not to answer questions about the match, which was not spoiled by the referee’s decisions. Zaniolo is hit. from the opponents because that’s what happens to all strong players. The problem is that he lacks cunning. Roma play badly, the Champions League race is at risk “.

Furio Focolari (Radio Radio Afternoon 104.5): “The yellow does not fit Zaniolo because it is not a simulation, but the thing that must go away said by Mourinho is exaggerated”.

Franco Melli (Radio Radio Afternoon 104.5): “Roma are unable to have continuity. Zaniolo may also be harassed, but the great talents have always reacted on the pitch.”

Alessandro Vocalelli (Radio Radio Afternoon 104.5): “I don’t see a persecution of the referees in Zaniolo. Being a player who often has the ball between his feet, he often ends up hit by his opponents. Roma, like Lazio, are doing worse than 80% of the teams in Serie A. They are the ones who they play worse “.

Ilario Di Giovambattista (Radio Radio Afternoon 104.5): “Mourinho’s words about Zaniolo struck me a lot, but the yellow is right because he threw himself into the box. These things a great champion must not do. If Roma lose against Inter they should say goodbye to the Champions race.” .

Luigi Ferrajolo (Radio Radio Afternoon 104.5): “Mourinho’s words about Zaniolo? The goal is not to talk about the match. It is true that the number 22 is targeted by the referees, but Roma have no play. In the first half nothing was seen, they looked like corpses. The classification is one thing, but Mourinho must be judged by what you see on the pitch and the team I saw yesterday deserves to stay in the middle of the table. ”

Francesco Balzani (I’ll give it to you Tokyo / Centro Suono Sport 101.5): “The midfield of Bologna is better than that of Roma. There are players like Svanberg who would play starters. The Roma midfield is not good even to get to the Europa League. Some players are also squeezed: yesterday El Shaarawy would not have fielded him for example . Karsdorp? A Serie A player can’t take a yellow card like that, he deserves to be taken out. Zaniolo is treated like a kid by the referees and I don’t think he’s looking for it. Yesterday he played a 5-player game, but the direction of Pairetto is an alibi. I have never seen the thriller of Abraham in 40 years “.

Antonio Felici (I’ll give it to you Tokyo / Centro Suono Sport 101.5): “Roma have a Zeman’s team performance and this surprises me a lot. I expect something else from Mourinho’s teams. Technically the problem in my opinion is one of depth of squad. The team seemed empty yesterday, without backbone. Mancini doesn’t seem like that to me. strong as his salary would suggest. Zaniolo? There is no doubt that he is targeted by the referees, but from his admirer I say that in his new way of playing there is something I do not like. little about technique “.

Ugo Trani (I’ll give it to you Tokyo / Centro Suono Sport 101.5): “With Arnautovic’s injury the match against Bologna had to be over. If they have to play the match, Roma will become a modest team. They can go well with Torino. The Giallorossi squad doesn’t come close to any of the ones in front. referee can not be an alibi, at Bologna you had to score three goals in any case. The goal? It seemed like a slow motion shot, a normal goalkeeper blocks that shot. Mourinho? The team is mediocre, another coach would not have changed anything, with these players are not going anywhere. I give the responsibility of the moment to Tiago Pinto. Roma-Inter? With a draw I would make the carousels. “.

Alessandro Austini (Teleradiostereo 92.7): “Yesterday I did not see the determination on the field with Torino on the part of the team. The disappointment arises above all from the fact that I am a resultant and the three points lost yesterday against Bologna weigh a lot.”

Furious Fury (Radio Radio Mattino 104.5): “For Roma-Inter everything depends on El Shaarawy’s recovery. For last night’s game I save only Mourinho: he changed players and form in the race, but failed to do so. Now even without Abraham he will have to play with Shomurodov and in defense Smalling, Ibanez and Mancini “.

Stefano Agresti (Radio Radio Mattino 104.5): “Pairetto is scarce, of a very modest level. There are good referees and not even young ones, he shows it in the admonition of Zaniolo – which is not a penalty – and in the yellow card for Abraham which does not make sense. The fact that Pairetto goes to referee a match like Bologna-Roma makes you understand the level of refereeing“.

Roberto Pruzzo (Radio Radio Mattino 104.5): “The category of referees is poor, you can’t find a right one on the pitch, even if I must say that yesterday in the Bologna-Rome match the referee had little influence. Roma conceded goals in all ways, and this is the greatest danger they face. it doesn’t make you have balance in the matches. Yesterday an absurd goal, and they didn’t have the strength to react. And the close matches change the picture in a short time.

Sandro Sabatini (Radio Radio Mattino 104.5): “Mou has to stop, he can’t always talk about the referees. Abraham’s warning is not scandalous, because he does it even unwillingly. And Karsdorp can’t get into the fight in the final, knowing he is cautioned. Rome created little. Mourinho when he had a finisher who scores a lot he had great satisfaction. Abraham is a good prospect, a good business, but he doesn’t score much and yet in tactics you depend a lot on the English. I was waiting, on the contrary … Mourinho gave me certainty of continuity of mood and results “.

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