Blackout risk, Italy is shaking: the politician warns: “Christmas in the cold”

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The danger appears more concrete than ever and a blackout risk for the upcoming holidays at the end of the year are not to be underestimated at all. The warning comes from an important member of the Draghi government.

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Energy blackout risk concrete for Italy. The alarm comes from the minister of economic development, Giancarlo Giorgetti. The Northern League exponent embraces the concerns that have arisen after not having received adequate responses from the European Union regarding ecological transition and adequate energy supply.

Among other things, we must not underestimate the current political situation that sees countries such as Russia and Belarus in a position of strength, from which Europe gets gas to heat up in the winter. It is better to keep them both friends, despite controversial episodes in those parts of the world.

The price of gas has skyrocketed, with more than a hundred dollars in stock market prices. But what is most worrying is that Europe’s current reserves stand at 68%, compared to 88% in November 2020. Also from this point of view, there is a risk of an energy blackout during the winter.

Blackout risk, concrete fears for our country

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The position of Italy in this sense appears particularly poised, given that our country exports from abroad almost all of its gas reserves. The increase in electricity and gas bills is also linked to double delivery to all this.

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The Draghi government is working to stop the increases, with at least 2 billion euros set aside in this regard. There is also the IRPEF reform announced for 2022 which could provide some other funds, at least another billion, from specially allocated funds and which could advance some other resources to be transferred elsewhere.

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In January, the communication that the energy authority is required to communicate is also expected, in relation to the amounts that will be in the bill for the first quarter of 2022. Amounts that will inevitably skyrocket.


Blackout risk Italy shaking politician warns Christmas cold

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