yet another quarrel between Lulu and Manuel

yet another quarrel between Lulu and Manuel
yet another quarrel between Lulu and Manuel

In the past few hours at the Big Brother Vip there was a new heated clash between the princess Lucrezia Selassié and the swimmer Manuel Bortuzzo; to trigger the quarrel would have been the presence of Aldo Montano who would have particularly annoyed Lulu.

Manuel Bortuzzo can no longer bear the insistence of Lulu; by now it is in fact evident that the 27-year-old has definitively closed any type of relationship with the princess Selassié which, however, continues to make him heavy scenes of jealousy. What happened?

Lulu blurts out with Aldo Montano

“I want to tell you something privately because it seems we never can. It seems that you are one as you never separate ”.

With these words Lucrezia Selassié she blurted out at Aldo Montano and Manuel Bortuzzo; Lulu can no longer bear the fencer’s attachment to Manuel and consequently also the great friendship that has been established between the two inside the house of GF Vip6.

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Lulu he does not accept that something or someone, man or woman, distracts Bortuzzo from her despite the fact that for the 27-year-old swimmer their relationship is now beautiful and archived; in fact, in the past few hours, the news that there has been yet another discussion between the two after that Lucrezia attempted a new rapprochement with Manuel which, exhausted, exploded.

Manuel to Lulù “don’t break up”

Yet another scene of jealousy of Lulu towards Manuel. Yesterday morning, Wednesday 1 December 2021, the 27-year-old swimmer approached Sophie to give her a kiss and this would have aroused the ire of the little princess Selassié; Manuel tired of the insistence of Lulu in wanting to have an exclusive relationship with him at all costs, he again lost his temper and invited the girl to mind her own business.

“You know I wrote you a letter on purpose. If you know you hurt a person why do you do these things? Especially early in the morning. That is, a person wakes up, it’s not that I asked you to do who knows what. It’s not that I want something weird. It seems normal to me, right? ” Lucrezia’s attempt to reconcile which, however, literally fell on deaf ears.

The position of Lucrezia Selassié in reality it is increasingly taking a turn for the worse; her attitudes are not liked at all by the public at home and they begin to annoy even the same co tenants of the young woman, starting from Manuel who can’t take it anymore. What do you think about it?

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