the State Police sanctions the manager of a club.

Personnel of the Administrative Police Division of the Police Headquarters, in the course of checks organized in the capital aimed at verifying compliance with current legislation by public establishments, sanctioned the manager of a public place in the city center.

In the circumstance, the policemen found irregularities in observing the containment measures of the epidemiological emergency covid-19.

As noted, inside the venue there was no adequate information on the prevention measures to be respected, nor did I post the notice indicating the maximum number of people who could be present at the same time.

Furthermore, the planned hand sanitation products were not available to customers.

The owner was also invited, at the time of the assessment, to restore the security conditions in order to guarantee the correct performance of the activity

The checks will continue unabated to ensure compliance with the rules and guarantee safety for the community.

Frosinone, December 2, 2021


State Police sanctions manager club

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