2 weights and 2 measures with Katia and Lulù?

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The youngest of the Selassiè sisters, recently eliminated by the GF Vip, shot zero on some gieffini and on the program

Published on 1 December 2021

Clarissa Selassiè was one of the protagonists of the sixth edition of GF Vip. The 19-year-old is the youngest of the sisters Selassiè, Ethiopian princesses first competing together, then separated. Clarissa it was eliminated during the last episode of GF VIP aired on November 29, 2021. A few days after the end of his adventure within the Home the 19-year-old wrote a very long post on Instagram through which she removed some pebbles from her shoes. That’s who she turned against.

In the post Clarissa told what it meant for her to participate in GF Vip 6 at her age. The girl explained that she has inside the walls of the house undertaken a real “Introspective path” made special by the presence of her sisters. Selassiè wanted to clarify that he played without having first prepared one “Game strategy”, always remaining herself. After that Clarissa didn’t spare herself from giving an opinion to her now former roommates.

GF Vip, Clarissa Selassiè poisoned against Katia

The princess mentioned Sophie Codegoni and Miriana Trevisan, defining them “True friends”. Then she lashed out at Giucas Casella, labeling her behavior as a “betrayal” that upset her. But Clarissa has reserved the harshest words for Katia Ricciarelli criticizing his attitude, which he said was rude and arrogant. The soprano, on several occasions, clashed with the three sisters, often uttering offensive words, according to the princess. For this Clarissa wrote that according to her, the singer should also receive the same treatment as the production of GF Vip reserved for Lulù Selassiè.

The latter, after being named together with Clarissa, she had an emotional breakdown and barricaded herself in the bathroom, screaming bad words which were not at all liked by Alfonso Signorini. The girl then received an office nomination as punishment, even though it was already named. Hence the outburst of “Clari”, who thinks that Katia should also undergo such a measure:

“I am even more shocked by Katia’s bad words that we have experienced as an emotional reference point to depend on. Maximum respect for his career and his age but rudeness and arrogance should not depend on the CV, and if my sister Lulu in a moment of panic given my exit was rightly punished for two bad words and an unwelcome attitude to the Big Brother, I would just find the same behavior for everyone “.

GF Vip, Clarissa out, what will become of Lulu?

At the conclusion of the post the student said she was sorry for her sister Jessica’s tears after his elimination, which show how sorry the three are at not being able to continue the adventure together inside the most spied on house in Italy. In the end the thought of the 19-year-old went to Lulu, whom she called “fragile soul”, wishing her to be able to emerge stronger than ever from this period of crisis.

It remains to be seen whether Lulu, among the nominees of the twenty-third episode of the GF Vip together with Gianmaria Antinolfi, Patrizia Pellegrino and her sister Jessica, will he be able to escape or will soon join Clarissa.

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