Nuremberg 2 distances itself

Gloria Callarelli, leader of the “Nuremberg 2” list in Conegliano and promoter of the project of the same name, replied to the statements of the former no-vax leader Lorenzo Damiano, who converted to the vaccine after being cured of Covid.

“Given that I will speak with Damiano when he returns home and has recovered tranquility and appropriate health conditions, I would like to specify in my name and in the name of those who supported us and who are fully committed to the search for the truth, that the declarations by Lorenzo Damiano are his personal ones and express his personal feeling in this moment, obviously distant from ours. I personally believe that I must strongly reiterate the need to register home medical therapies. I have seen Covid in the face and certainly I’m not a denier: one person in the family tested positive and got sick, even quite importantly. However, constantly accompanied in the course of treatment by a competent and professional doctor, who worked in science and conscience and in total charity, and, thank God, we got out after about ten days. Covid is cured and the institutional silence with respect to these is truly disconcerting home medical therapies effective that in most cases avoid hospitalization.

“As” Pescatori di Pace “, in agreement with the national board, Giulio Saraceni in the first place, and as” Nuremberg 2 “, we have always been for free choice of vaccines but contrary to the obligation. Just as we have always been against the Green pass, a measure that we consider profoundly discriminatory and liberticidal. In short: today with restrictions of all kinds and Super Green Pass, with the third dose and 77% of people who have taken the double dose, we are still talking about infections and deaths. Something frankly does not add up. Personally, therefore, in reiterating for the umpteenth time with force the need to register home medical therapies for this virus, I also believe that the truth of what is happening in the world today, which in fact has all the contours of a war. Personally as a Catholic – concludes Calarelli – I express my most total reservations about the obligation or the introduction by coercion or blackmail of a therapy approved in a completely emergency way that does not protect against contagion, which is also causing numerous adverse events, as well as deaths. suspected, and which is also partly produced by cell lines of aborted fetuses. So I take note of Damiano’s declarations and awaiting a calm confrontation with him, while respecting his ideas, I feel it is my duty to take the position expressed ».


Nuremberg distances

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