Online scams, 18 arrests in the province of Reggio Calabria

Online scams, 18 arrests in the province of Reggio Calabria
Online scams, 18 arrests in the province of Reggio Calabria

The State Police of Reggio Calabria, from the early hours of dawn, is engaged in the execution of 18 pre-trial detention measures issued by the investigating judge of Palmi against as many people held responsible, for various reasons, for criminal association aimed at fraud, money laundering, substitution of person and unlawful processing of personal data, as belonging to a criminal association operating on the Ionian and Tyrrhenian sides of the Reggio area. Ten were placed in pre-trial detention in jail and eight under arrest domiciliary.

Over 120 policemen from the Postal Police and the Reggio Calabria Police Headquarters are involved in the operation that also led to the seizure of current accounts and computer equipment.

According to the accusatory picture, the suspects sold, on well-known e-commerce platforms, cars, tractors, excavators, scooters and other goods that did not actually exist, through a series of ingenious stratagems aimed at “covering up” their actual identities and an organized and complex modus operandi.

Hence the choice of the name of the operation, “Nassa 3.0”, with clear reference to the fishing “pot”, used to attract and capture prey at sea.

Over 85 scams with profits of more than 220 thousand euros

The buyers, convinced of the genuineness of the sale, paid the agreed amount on rechargeable cards or bank accounts found in the name of some of the suspects, without however receiving the purchased goods; the overall profit realized through the execution of the contested state frauds would amount to more than 220 thousand euros, compared to over 85 scams identified and contested for the period from 2016 to January 2018.

There are very many financial reports – current accounts, credit / debit and prepaid cards – used to merge the sums paid by the victims; even more numerous are the telephone sets, utilities and Sim cards used for the management and execution of negotiations with potential customers and for the exchange of information aimed at inserting advertisements on the various e-commerce platforms used and considered, by the hypothesis of the accusation, to be fictitious.

Danger of repetition of crimes

At the basis of the precautionary custody order there is also the alleged existence of a present and concrete danger of repetition of crimes of the same nature, assessed by the judicial authority on the basis of the large quantity and systematic nature of the criminal conduct contested, in addition to the results of the latest investigations carried out by the Postal Police which highlighted the ability, on the part of the organization, to renew itself and continue in the activity illicit.

Investigations are still ongoing and the judicial authority, assisted by the Reggio Calabria Postal Police Department, will dutifully investigate any further element that may emerge from the defensive theses that will be proposed.

In the meantime, the execution of the measures to apply the precautionary measure of custody in prison (for 10 people) and house arrest (for 8 people), in addition to the personnel from the Postal and Communications Police of Reggio Calabria, Catanzaro, Cosenza, Crotone and Vibo Valentia, the one of the Commissariats of Siderno, Gioia Tauro, Polistena and of the Crime Prevention Departments of Vibo Valentia and Siderno is contributing.

The arrests between Locride and Piana

The operation is in progress in the municipalities of Siderno, Gioiosa Ionica, Mammola and Locri of the Ionian side of the province of Reggio e in the municipalities of Anoia, Galatro and Giffone of the Tyrrhenian side, with extension to the province of Modena for one of the recipients, listed below:

  1. FR age 37
  2. AR age 37
  3. FD age 30
  4. IG age 39
  5. AI age 76
  6. M.M.        età 46
  7. BUT age 36
  8. AL age 42
  9. BUT age 24
  10. GC age 51
  11. CR age 55
  12. MG age 54
  13. M.D.        età 61
  14. S.M.         età 27
  15. M.F.         età 59
  16. IF age 51
  17. R.M.         età 37
  18. AN age 34

The contextual activities of search carried out made it possible to find and seize computer and other material deemed to be of interest for the investigations against the arrested, which will be made available to the judicial authority for in-depth analysis and feedback that it deems to dispose of and whose analysis cannot be excluded further investigative and judicial developments may emerge.

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