Napoli-Sassuolo, the slow motion of CorSport: “Pezzuto, final disaster: 4.5”

“Pezzuto, final disaster: 4.5”, headlines this morning on Corriere dello Sport in the slow motion of the match between Napoli and Sassuolo, which ended in a draw, with the green-and-black goals arriving at the end. When the game rose in tone, the whistle failed to keep her in hand, making two bad decisions that affected the result. And if on the second Nasca he was able to put a patch on it, on the first he was without a net, and in fact he fell loudly. On Sassuolo’s equalizer there is a foul by Defrel on Rrahmani that the referee does not blow. On the net instead canceled in full recovery, Berardi’s foul is clear, but even in this case Pezzuto does not whistle and the VAR must intervene to save what can be saved.


NapoliSassuolo slow motion CorSport Pezzuto final disaster

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