Terrorism, 25-year-old member of an ISIS cell arrested

The digos of Venice and Gorizia, coordinated by the central direction of the prevention police, arrested a 25-year-old Tunisian, who had been granted an international arrest warrant for extradition purposes issued by the Tunis Court for participation in terrorist associations and acts of terrorism. It is believed that the young man was part of an ISIS cell.

The young man was arrested while he was in the Cpr (detention center for repatriation) of Gradisca d’Isonzo, in the province of Gorizia. The foreigner had been placed in the Friulian CPR for over a month, waiting to be expelled, as he was traced on our territory after the spread by Interpol of his name as a suspected member of ISIS intending to reach other countries Europeans passing through Italy. The intelligence sector, interested in this regard, had also confirmed his belonging to a Daesh cell active in Tunisia, engaged in hostile projects to be carried out with explosive devices.

Speaking with Ansa, the commissioner Paolo Gropuzzo explained: «The subject was staying at the CPR waiting to be forcibly repatriated to his original destination. It was a sort of “freeze” in a situation that required him not to be able to move freely ». Subsequently, according to reports from Gropuzzo, the request for international capture came from Tunisia. “The man – clarifies Gropuzzo – was constantly watched and restrained so that he could not be in the least dangerous”.

The finding of the Tunisian in Italy had led to the outcome of an investigation which, by reconstructing the itinerary followed after his departure from Tunisia, had made it possible to identify him in the province of Venice, a place reached after having landed in Lampedusa on 16 September last. with a different name. After the validation of the arrest by the Attorney General at the Court of Appeal of Trieste, the foreigner is now awaiting the decision on extradition.


Terrorism #25yearold member ISIS cell arrested

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