Controviale Italia with cameras

Controviale Italia with cameras
Controviale Italia with cameras

LIVORNO. Once the cycle path and the new lane for pedestrians only have been built, the Municipality will have the cameras installed at the entrance to the Italian road. Because? To make sure that no one enters the pedestrian area by car or scooter (under penalty of a fine as in Venice), with the exception of those who will be authorized. Some vehicles, in fact, will still have to be able to continue to circulate in the alley and the reason is clear: along the 560 meters of promenade there are two bathing establishments, a bar, a pizzeria, a nautical club, a fishing club and a research center. , at the Scoglio della Regina. In addition to the passage of emergency vehicles and vehicles for the disabled, it is therefore necessary to guarantee the passage of technical vehicles serving these activities.

Be careful though: don’t imagine a free all with an avalanche of passes. “The cameras will help us to protect the pedestrian area by keeping it open to a limited audience of authorized, such as service vehicles”, clarifies the councilor for mobility Giovanna Cepparello. “The assembly of the authorized must be defined, we are open to discussion,” he said immediately afterwards. In the meantime, he anticipates that the entrance of suppliers could be at time slots, to prevent vans from passing through bicycles and pedestrians at all hours. “Any pedestrian area needs to be checked – says the city planning councilor Silvia Viviani – and the cameras will serve precisely to guarantee the entry of the authorized. For now we have foreseen them at the entrance to the alley, south side ». So on the Aquarius side.

In short, the alley will become similar in some respects to via Ricasoli, which is pedestrianized but with access allowed to shop suppliers and to those who have internal remittances.

But what will it be like once it’s closed to cars? And when will it be closed? Meanwhile, it should be emphasized that the ordinance of the Municipality which provides for “the establishment of the ban on transit and parking with forced removal” from the Tirreno baths to the Bellana, is on paper already in force since last Monday and until the next 10 May. But in fact, there are still no signs along the road and the cars are continuing to travel and park. The company in charge of doing the work has in fact received the indication to close the section only when the necessary changes have been completed to guarantee the entry and exit of the two-way vehicles from the two parking lots that will remain active at the ends, the car park of the Aquarium and that of the Bellana. The workers of Ceragioli Costruzioni have however already begun to “smooth out” the sidewalk on the Viale Italia side and to dig along the alley, where they will redo the white sewer, the lighting, the cycle path and the pedestrian path. They plan to start shutting everything down in the middle of next week.

How this stretch of the waterfront should become is told by the papers of the Municipality, which was awarded 1.6 million euros from the suburbs tender launched in 2016 by the government. We are talking about the transformation of an area of ​​6,200 square meters largely overlooking the water. It takes an effort of the imagination: on the land side the cycle path will run, on the sea side the pedestrian area, which will be in brick-colored “warsaw” blocks, similar to those of the paths leading to the Chalet della Rotonda di Ardenza. “The material – reads the project – allows the occasional passage of even heavy vehicles such as vans of suppliers serving the activities facing the promenade”. In the middle, to divide these two lanes, there is a band, with travertine slabs, for racks, benches and tamarisk. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED,169>

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