From Milan to Padua, here is the map of military laboratories ready to track infections in schools

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The “Athena” operation of the Defense commissioned by Minister Lorenzo Guerini starts. It follows up on the need to support the Regions in tracking infections in schools. A question that hit the table of the Prime Minister, Mario Draghi, on November 30th, who is totally opposed to using Dad (distance learning) unless it is really necessary. Palazzo Chigi thus asked General Francesco Paolo Figliuolo to develop a screening intervention plan for schools to reinforce regional health action. The goal is to increase the rapid verification of any cases of SARS-CoV2 infection within classes / groups and to facilitate the continuation of face-to-face teaching activities.

The tracking plan

The tracking system in place of the Regions and Autonomous Provinces will be strengthened thanks to the military assets made available by the Minister and coordinated by the Covi-operational command of the joint top forces. The supervision of the operational action is in the hands of the Covid-19 extraordinary commissioner, General Figliuolo. In eight Regions there are already 11 molecular biology laboratories for Defense. Capable of processing molecular swabs made at home by military mobile teams. There are also two mobile structures on the pitch. The laboratories are distributed from North to South over a large part of the national territory. In case of need for activation, it will be up to the local health authorities to request it from the respective Regions, in turn in constant contact with the office of Commissioner Figliuolo.

The map of the labsspeakers

The Defense has prepared a map of structures able to work immediately, if necessary and once requested by the ASL, to offer the maximum guarantee of protection and scientific and epidemiological recognition of schools. TO Milano there are two molecular biology laboratories with stars: at the Cmo-military hospital center and at the aerospace medicine institute. Another is a Spice in the presidential infirmary. A laboratory a Padova to the Dmml, military department of forensic medicine. A laboratory has also been set up for Ancona at the selection center of the Italian Navy. TO Taranto in the military hospital center. TO Cagliari it’s at Messina in the departments of forensic medicine. It’s at Roma at the Celio and at the Institute of Aerospace Medicine.

Ready mobile teams

In the plan wanted by Minister Guerini and defined by Figliuolo and Covi-command, the activation of two Tdmd (mobile defense diagnostic teams) plus a possible third was also foreseen. They are located in Civitavecchia. They will have a double function. Carry out the testing / unsanitary swabs at the schools on the indications of the ASL. If the latter require molecular swabs, the samples will be transported to the nearest laboratory among the eleven planned on the national territory. The tampons can also be made at home. The plan thus intends to make up for the shortcomings and sufferings of the Regions, in some of which have already been highlighted, in the management of school infections. These are the difficulties underlying the Health-Education circular with the prediction of the dad with only one positive in the classroom, then revoked at the immediate request of the Prime Minister.

The data of distance learning

According to Education data, between elementary and middle schools – the number of students most at risk of infection due to lack of vaccination coverage – is in Dad 2.6% of the first cycle classes and 1.4% of the second. But “the situation is under control”, says Undersecretary for Education Barbara Floridia: for the government, she specifies, “school in the presence is a priority”. The president of the PNA (National Association of Deans) of Rome, Mario Rusconi underlines: “The invitation we are making is to vaccinate children from 12 years old and, now that the AIFA’s ok has arrived for doses to the little ones, even children from 5 to 11 years old “. Rusconi remembers how 60-70% of the classes in Dad are in elementary school. School staff are 95 percent vaccinated. But in Friuli-Venezia Giulia there is a high number of unvaccinated professors. It risks compromising the continuation of the lessons in the coming months.


Milan Padua map military laboratories ready track infections schools

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