Masi (FIA) reassures: “Jeddah meets the highest security standards” – Formula 1

The new circuit of Saudi Arabia, recently completed in Gedda, will be the scene of the penultimate act of the exciting world challenge between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton and between Mercedes and Red Bull Honda. A decidedly atypical track, a very high-speed citizen over 6 km long and which unfolds in 27 curves, with walls all around the track that cannot let Formula 1 drivers sleep peacefully, especially those fighting for the championship. It is not by chance that Christian Horner defined it “A kind of Suzuka with walls”And Damon Hill warned of the dangers of such a circuit.

Ma Michael Masi, in the run-up to the race weekend, he wanted to reassure everyone. The Race Director of Formula 1 assured: “From the point of view of the circuit, everything was done to the highest FIA safety standards. From the fences everything seems incredibly beautiful “. In his interview with Sky Sports Uk, the Australian did not hide that not everything was completed in time: “Obviously there is still some work in progress in the paddock and around the circuit, but this is not unusual for a brand new event, especially in a completely new and built from scratch facility. The credit goes to the Motorsport Federation of Saudi Arabia, which, thanks to the assistance of the Minister of Sport, did a brilliant job“. The circuit – which will be the first in history to guarantee 5G networks for telecommunications – should not even create problems in terms of asphalt, as the journalist Albert Fabrega assured: “The track has recently been paved. Some areas have more bitumen than others, but we are not at the level of Turkey 2020. They are cleaning it, there will be no problems ”.

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Masi FIA reassures Jeddah meets highest security standards Formula

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