Frecciarossa Milan- Paris by the end of the year – Economy

Frecciarossa Milan- Paris by the end of the year – Economy
Frecciarossa Milan- Paris by the end of the year – Economy

The Frecciarossa will connect Milan to Paris by the end of the year. This was stated by Trenitalia CEO Luigi Corradi who underlines how “a dream will come true and we are working to bring the Frecciarossa 1000 also to Spain by the end of 2022”. The train, “which can be approved in 7 European countries, is also in the process of being approved in Spain”. In Paris, the service will be operated by Trenitalia France, formerly Thello. “It will be a startup – explains Corradi – and the service can be increased based on the results”. The route will be via Turin in High Speed ​​and then continue to Lyon and Paris on the French network.

For Corradi, the Trenitalia winter timetable in effect from 12 December is “a new beginning. A new journey begins, we are increasingly trying to do something new, we want to be as close as possible to those who take the train to organize a different service with the various services more integrated with each other, under the banner of intrermodality “. The non-stop Frecce return from 12 December, while the regional trains, with 1.1 million journeys per day, are approaching the 1.6 million pre-covid, after the collapse of 2020, with a peak of 800 file journeys. Presenting the new winter timetable in force from next December 12, Trenitalia CEO Luigi Corradi explained that “over 230 Frecce will unite the big cities with each other, with 6 Frecciarossa a day more between Rome and Milan and 4 Frecciarossa non-stop Milan-Rome “. In addition, there will be “more connections to the South with greater frequency, direct trains and integrated train + bus solutions to reach ports and airports throughout Italy, connecting the country’s access gates”. With the winter timetable 2021-2022 94 Intercity will be active to “offer a capillarity of the service with maximum comfort even where the Frecce do not arrive” and 24 Intercity Night. The goal is “to connect the medium-sized towns and the provincial capitals, passing through the tourist sites and reach important cultural events throughout Italy with connections without changes”. New destinations also planned for the Regional Service with its 6,800 daily trains, to “visit places of high cultural and landscape value, even on the saddle of one’s own bicycle thanks to the more than 20 thousand bicycle spaces available per day, with recharging points for e- bike “. The regional fleet, already renewed for about 50%, will see the arrival of 105 new trains in 2022, while all the new trains in service “will consume 30% less”, Corradi underlines.


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Frecciarossa Milan Paris year Economy

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