we will do one vaccine a year for a long time – Il Tempo

we will do one vaccine a year for a long time – Il Tempo
we will do one vaccine a year for a long time – Il Tempo

Other than the third dose, we should most likely have an ancti-Covid vaccine per year for a long time. The prophecy is not of a catastrophic virologist but of Pfizer’s chief executive, Albert Bourla.

“If I really have to make a prediction, from what we have seen so far in this pandemic, it is likely that we will need annual vaccinations to maintain a high level of protection” against Covid, the Greek-American executive and doctor told the BBC. a circumstance that would mean unprecedented profits for Big Pharma companies after the record balance sheets already recorded after two years of pandemic.

Half the world is thinking about the vaccine recall and many countries like the United Kingdom even beyond: London has purchased and booked another 114 million Pfizer and Moderna doses – which will be updated for the Omicron variant – with the aim of “covering” for a fourth. or fifth dose.

Bourla spoke to the BBC before the explosion of the new South African variant and therefore did not provide any information in this regard. The manager defended Pfizer’s earnings: “We have saved millions of lives. We have avoided trillions of damage to the world economy. It was a demonstration of human ingenuity. And then there must be a reward and recognition of this kind. , it’s a good thing: because they stimulate competition and science, even to fight the next pandemic, “said the manager, answering the question of whether his company’s profits were” immoral “.

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