at Niguarda, 80 percent are not vaccinated

at Niguarda, 80 percent are not vaccinated
at Niguarda, 80 percent are not vaccinated

Hospitalizations from Covid in hospitals in Lombardy and in Milan are increasing: numbers not comparable to those of last year. Vaccinations make the difference.

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They increase the infections from Covid-19 in Lombardy and also hospitalizations in local hospitals. According to the latest bulletin issued yesterday, Wednesday 1 December, 2,503 new infections were recorded. With regard to hospitalizations in ordinary wards, 887 new patients are registered with an increase of 39 admissions. Those in intensive care also increased from 103 to 108.

Data published by Agenas

According to the data published by Agenas, in Lombardy 7 percent of intensive care beds are occupied while for the non-critical area wards, it is 13 percent. The numbers, however worrying, are still much lower than last year when hospitalizations – according to the Covid bulletin of 1 December 2020 – were 7,342 in ordinary wards and 876 in intensive care. Despite this, however, the alert remains high.

The hospitalizations in Milan

In Milan, in particular, there has been an increase in hospitalizations in the last two weeks. For instance at the Niguarda hospital we went from twenty hospitalizations to fifty, of which eight in intensive care. A figure on the rise, but not at the levels of the previous year: to, they let you know that last year, in the same period, 340 people were hospitalized. A huge difference given above all from anti-Covid vaccinations. Currently 80 percent of hospitalized people are not vaccinated. Among the unvaccinated, the average age is about 60 years. The increase in hospitalizations is affecting other Milanese hospitals. There is also a growing trend at the Humanitas Emergency Hospital. 45 patients are currently hospitalized. Again, the figure is lower than that of the previous year.


Niguarda percent vaccinated

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