I have damage to my neck and spine “

I have damage to my neck and spine “
I have damage to my neck and spine “

The pornstar Adriana Chechik reports the damage to his body during the filming of hardcore movies. She is one of the stars of world porn and yet in The Plug podcast she talks about her health conditions and that of many colleagues, whose bodies are exaggeratedly exploited. “It looks like wrestling. I have a broken neck now. I have a pinched nerve, my C6 and C7 vertebrae are out of place. ‘ The actress told of having a herniated disc and also problems with the brainstem. “After a film, just like professional sportsmen, I take an ice bath to help the body recover,” Chechik’s story.

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Chechik told the podcast about her intentions to participate in another hardcore movie, but the doctor put her on the lookout and asked her to desist: “He asked me if I could wait a year for such scenes.”

The waivers

Adriana Chechik has no plans to give up her job, despite the price her body is paying. The actress boasts 3.3 million followers on Instagram and has thousands of paying subscribers. He made his first films in 2013 and therefore his career is about to turn ten. The mental and physical health problems of porn industry actors are not a new problem. In 2018, the New York Post carried out a survey on seven young hard movie stars who died in just five months while dozens more actors suffer from depression and drug addiction.


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