the actor bursts out furiously at all competitors (VIDEO)

the actor bursts out furiously at all competitors (VIDEO)
the actor bursts out furiously at all competitors (VIDEO)

Alex against everyone at Gf Vip: “There is no respect”.

There are a few hours left until the new episode of the Big Brother Vip, which will go broadcast tomorrow Friday 3 December 2021 on Canale 5. While waiting in the house, Alex Belli was furious at all the competitors, guilty of having disrespected him during aactivity organized by production of the reality show.

Alex Belli furious at Gf Vip, chaos in the House

Alex he lost his temper and hurled himself against all the competitors of Big Brother Vip reproaching the disrespect they are demonstrating: “There is no respect. This is one thing that really cares me. Your Big Brother’s story is being in the kitchen doing the dishes all day. You’re on television.”. To take the parts of the actor is Sophie codegoni: “That then this well done activity brought a lot of laughs. But don’t make a shit out of everything because I was with you until the end.”.

“I will have grown up in a different world, where I respect everyone. This is not the right spirit” he added Belli furious. The strong words of the actor have displaced all the Vippons, who have let him let off steam by listening in silence to the reproach addressed to him. Alex then continued his rant with Biagio revealing the true reason for his anger: Soleil.

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“She does this. She has one day she wakes up one way and another day she wakes up another. I know her by now.” he confessed Alex referring to the Soleil behavior. The actor continued his outburst complaining throughout the House, but, once again, none of the contestants decided to step in to calm him down.

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actor bursts furiously competitors VIDEO

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