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Cristiano Ronaldo continues his personal war against the organizers of the Golden Ball. After the attack on Pascal Ferrè, editor-in-chief of France Football, the former Juventus player ignites social networks, with a like a post published by a fan page and in which the awarding of the trophy to Messi is criticized. “Do you really believe that there are five players who have done better than him?“, fans ask themselves after having listed all his seasonal successes: 43 goals, 6 in the Champions League, an Italian Cup, an Italian Super Cup, top scorer in the European championship and in Serie A, the best scorer in the history of football.

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The attack on Messi and CR7’s comment

After having listed all the numbers of Cristiano Ronaldo and having criticized his sixth place in the standings, a jab arrives at Messi. “He can have a low profile season, far below expectations, but they will always find a way to favor him and give him the prize. It is shameful and deplorable. Anyone with enough intelligence has understood who the real deservers of the trophy are. Receiving awards. without earning them it is false happiness, without pride “. Post to which Ronaldo expressed his like, with a cryptic comment: “Factos”, (accompanied by a thumbs up), in Portuguese, that is: these are the facts.

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