surprised by the positivity. Those who flew with him are not in isolation

surprised by the positivity. Those who flew with him are not in isolation
surprised by the positivity. Those who flew with him are not in isolation

How many and above all where are the passengers who found themselves on the same planes on which the 28-year-old from Alghero traveled and tested positive at Covid? Covid which could be – as the Sardinian councilor for health, Mario Nieddu also fears – of the Omicron variant, because the young Sardinian was returning from South Africa where he had participated in a rugby tournament, the Toyota Challange, with the Catalan team of the Diables of Barcelona. It would then be the second case in Italy after that of the Caserta manager who then infected his family.

Having said that the amateur rugby player of Amatori Alghero (Serie A), vaccinated, is fine (he is totally asymptomatic) and that he tested positive only for the swab carried out at home in Alghero, and with a very low viral load, and that after returning however, he was already placed in isolation in his home, having said that, the question of tracking the passengers who flew with him remains. So far only the 130 passengers, mostly Sardinians, including some Torres players, on board Volotea’s Roma-Alghero have been known. Once they learned of the positivity of the 28-year-old from Alghero, they were all contacted and invited to undergo tampons again and put themselves in fiduciary isolation.

What about the approximately 170 passengers on the flight from Schiphol (Amsterdam) to Fiumicino that the rugby player took after the intercontinental route from Jo’burg? Mostly Italian travelers, many from the capital, who logically should be subjected to the same process as those of the Rome-Alghero flight. Among other things, they were in contact with the 28-year-old for two and a half hours, more than double the time of the internal flight on Volotea’s Airbus 320.

At the moment, after the airport authorities finally sent the list of passengers for the flight from Amsterdam, it was decided to track down, at least for the moment, only the 5 travelers who were closest to the young Sardinian during the flight. They will be asked, when they are tracked down, to “dabble” and put themselves in fiduciary isolation. Only 5 compared to all the passengers on that flight? A different strategy, in short, compared to that used for all 130 passengers on the Rome-Alghero route.

It is clear that this is a situation to be reconstructed a posteriori after a few days have already passed since last weekend, when the young man from Alghero returned to Europe from South Africa with one of the last operational scheduled flights before the stop linked to the spread of the news of the discovery of the Omicron variant.

Throughout his stay in South Africa, the young man tested negative for swabs and so also for those carried out for international flights and for the last one, the domestic one. There was therefore no need for tracing procedures until yesterday, when the 28-year-old turned out, much to his surprise. positive for Covid based on the swab he was advised to do two days after the end of the trip.

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