“Better to recall every year”

“Better to recall every year”
“Better to recall every year”

The booster of covid vaccine once a year. This is the scenario outlined by Professor Francesco Vaia, director of the National Institute of Infectious Diseases Lazzaro Spallanzani. “As a country we have to go further by getting the booster once a year, just like with the flu shot,” he tells Messaggero. According to Vaia, it is necessary to understand that Sars-Cov-2 changes, but “as often happens in the queues of pandemics, even in a benign way”.

For the Omicron variant, he adds, “we fielded, in agreement with our South African colleagues, a task force and in the first meeting on Tuesday we saw the data that the colleagues sent us: this variant could probably replace the virus as well. as it has manifested up to now “. The variant seems to manifest itself in “a way that is not serious from a clinical point of view, that is, it is no longer pathogenic than the previous variants and – more importantly – it would also seem not to escape the vaccine”.

“The point is to close the emergency, updating the vaccines and getting the annual dose with the same logic as the flu shot. Vaccination doesn’t have to be a drama. We need to take measures that make families our allies. smile and common sense. We’ll get out, here we are, “he says.


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