What the American Supreme Court said about the right to abortion

What the American Supreme Court said about the right to abortion
What the American Supreme Court said about the right to abortion

The US Supreme Court has hinted that it seems intent on recognizing Mississippi abortion law, which prohibits termination of pregnancy after 15 weeks of gestation in most cases. On Wednesday, after almost two hours of debate in the courtroom, the six conservative-oriented judges – the majority, out of nine – seemed willing to accept the requests of the state: this would cancel almost fifty years of precedent and guarantee the conservative states an additional space. maneuver to impose restrictions on the right to abortion. The Court’s final decision is expected in June 2022.

The case debated at the Court on Wednesday is considered the most important on the subject in recent decades. In the United States abortion is federally legal thanks to the historic “Roe v. Wade ”of 1973, but there is no single law that regulates the modality in each state. La Roe v. Wade has been confirmed on several occasions by the Supreme Court and a further ruling in 1992 establishes the right to abort until the time when the fetus can survive on its own outside the womb, generally considered to be around 24 weeks.

Now Mississippi is asking the Court to recognize its own abortion law, which is contrary to what previous sentences establish, and at the same time it is also asking that the current laws governing the pregnancy be overturned to a large extent. access to abortion, with consequent repercussions on many other states, in which the Roe v. Wade is the only legal instrument that protects the right to have an abortion.

The most probable hypothesis is that the Court will accept only the most specific requests, that is, those on the termination of pregnancy within 15 weeks, and that the structure of the law on abortion will not be changed. However, some of the conservative judges seemed willing to overturn the 1973 ruling as well, and thus allow individual states to decide whether and when to allow abortion.

The three progressive judges instead observed that modifying such an important sentence would seriously damage the credibility of the Court, especially given that it is being discussed for the first time after the appointment of the three new judges wanted by former American President Donald Trump, who it has shifted the political orientation of the country’s highest judicial body to the right.

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