up to 95 thousand euros for severance pay sacked – Corriere.it

up to 95 thousand euros for severance pay sacked – Corriere.it
up to 95 thousand euros for severance pay sacked – Corriere.it

An agreement was reached between Whirlpool and the trade unions on the closure of the Naples plant and the consequent exit of 321 workers: 317 will receive a severance pay of 95 thousand euros (originally I was talking about 85 thousand); another 4 will move to Cassinetta di Biandronno with a 25 thousand euro bonus to be used to find new accommodation in the province of Varese. In exchange, the 321 workers undertake not to challenge the dismissals. In all, the American multinational pays out 30.1 million euros to close the game.

The closure of the Naples plant announced in 2019

Thus ends a story that began in May 2019, with the announcement of the closure of the Naples plant.

Now the point becomes: will the pole of sustainable mobility that should take place in the place of the former Whirlpool be able to leave? Leading the consortium of sustainable mobility would be Bell Adler with 54 other companies. In one of the last meetings at the Mise there was talk of the presentation of an industrial plan by the consortium which should take office by mid-December. But the date will hardly be respected. First of all because the consortium has not yet been formed. And then because the industrial plan will not be presented before the due diligence on the plant.

Sale at a nominal price

For its part, Whirlpool said it was available and sell everything at a symbolic price, even immediately if you wanted to skip the due diligence step. But now the consortium has chosen a different path. At this point, an agreement should be signed that sets the times in which the consortium, on the one hand, will complete the due diligence and on the other, Whirlpool will avoid negotiating with other interlocutors.


thousand euros severance pay sacked Corriereit

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