Sassuolo-Napoli 2-2, the report cards: Koulibaly a mountain, Scamacca as a center forward

Final result: Sassuolo-Napoli 2-2


Tips 6.5 – Stops the ball kicked by Insigne with a flick, then says no to Rogerio too. First fraction as a protagonist, second where he takes two shots and can not help but take them from the bag, innocent.
Toljan 6 – In his part there is Insigne, on occasion he goes away, but otherwise he keeps a good guard.
Chiriches 6 – Ex of the match, he doesn’t miss much in the first half, also producing some tackles.
Ferrari 6,5 – He would have the 1-0 ball on his foot, but his shot as a consummate striker is a bit too central. Then he gets sacked by Mertens at 1-0, but then gives the final 2-2 with a header.
Rogerio 5,5 – He accuses Lozano of diving, but the yellow against him is sacrosanct. He does not suffer much (from 61 ‘ Kyriakopoulos 6.5 – A couple of interesting crosses, including the 2-1 one).
Maxime Lopez 6 – When the ball gets to him it is difficult to take it away. Little director who is making great strides.
Frattesi 6 – Always very dangerous when he lights up, he has the rush to be found behind his opponents, also trying to give some headaches (from 77 Harroui sv).
Traore 5.5 – Less proactive than his teammate, but almost always good at freezing possession. Widely sufficient until the error that delivers the 1-0 to Napoli (from 61 ‘ Matheus Henry 6.5 – With him on the pitch the game changes, even if he does not enter the scoring actions).
Berardi 7 – In the first half he did two things: a shot from distance that could surprise Ospina, then seventy meters of field to counter Insigne when needed. Motivated, an assist is needed for the 2-2. He would also give that of 3-2, but the foul on Rrahmani is there.
Scamacca 7 – Few balls arrive in the first half to be judged. But then he signs another great goal that looks like a manifesto of the modern striker.
Raspadori 6 – As with Scamacca, he has some difficulty in being served. He runs at breakneck speed, but does not affect (from 88 ‘ Defrel 6,5 – He would score the winning goal, but they nullify it for a foul by Berardi).

Alessio Dionisi 6.5 – If he plays it openly with Napoli, finding the right corrections when things are not going for the best. Sassuolo is fun and modern.


Ospina 6 – He doesn’t have much to do in the first half, but puts his gloves on when Ferrari shoots from the penalty spot. On the header he can do absolutely nothing, on Scamacca he lacks the cat reflex.
Di Lorenzo 5,5 – Raspadori gives him few problems, while Traoré sometimes manages to overcome him. Kyriakopoulos on the other hand is a bad customer in his part.
Rrahmani 5,5 – He defends without particular apprehension until the last bars. Cincischia and risks giving Berardi (and Defrel) the 3-2 ball.
Koulibaly 6.5 – The usual mountain that moves, when a ball misses it goes to take it back without difficulty. As long as he is there, Napoli suffers little, goes out and pains arrive (from 80 ‘Juan Jesus sv).
Mario Rui 6 – He goes on offensive projection when he has to. Berardi is a bad customer, he gets along as best he can.
Lobotka 6 – The ball practically always passes from his feet, when Frattesi goes to take it high he still manages to disengage well. Drop to the distance.
Fabian Ruiz 7- Yet another goal from outside the box with a razor burn, but the game on tiptoe and almost dancing (from 66 ‘Politano sv).
Zielinski 6,5 – He would also score, but his shot was not saved by Consiglio due to a previous foul. The assist for Fabian Ruiz is kissed, he has a couple of chances but misses them.
Lozano 5,5 – Crazy on the right without ever sinking too much (from 74 ‘ Demme 5 – He enters with force to remove the ball from the opponent at the edge of the area, concedes the 2-2 foul).
Mertens 7 – Retrieves the 1-0 ball, scores 2-0, comes out with a standing ovation. But maybe it was better to keep it inside (from 66 ‘ Petagna 6 – He’s not a sprinter, but he gets away with his shoulders. From a nice ball that Politano can’t turn into something more)
Badge 6 – He has the most important ball of the first half on his foot, but Consigli is better than him at putting on the glove. Exits at forty-fifth due to physical trouble (from 46 ‘ Diamond 5.5 – He shows up much less than Insigne).

Luciano Spalletti 5.5 – On the one hand it is unfortunate, because Insigne, Fabian Ruiz and Koulibaly get hurt. On the other hand, he takes away Mertens and his friends never leave again, lowering themselves and risking losing her.

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