from booking to reactions, the guide-

from booking to reactions, the guide-
from booking to reactions, the guide-
from Paolo Foschi

The administration of the Covid vaccine to children between 5 and 11 years will start at the end of December, and will be carried out with a double injection three weeks apart, but with a dosage reduced to one third compared to that of adults. There is no question of obligation

When will the vaccination campaign between the ages of 5 and 11 start in Italy?

The start expected between 20 and 25 December.

How will the administration take place?

The procedure is almost identical to that for adults. Pfizer’s Comirnaty vaccine administered by intramuscular puncture on the shoulder in two doses, three weeks apart. Change the dosage: 10 micrograms compared to 30 for adults (with vials assembled for pediatric use only). Children must be accompanied by one of the two parents.

Where will it be possible to get vaccinated?

In the already active hubs (which may have dedicated paths), at the primary pediatricians and at the participating pharmacies.

Will the vaccine be mandatory?

No. There is no Green Pass for this age group.

How and from when will it be possible to book the first dose?

Reservations must be made on the web portals and dedicated numbers of the Regions. The start expected in the next few hours.

Are there children for whom the vaccine is not recommended?

In all likelihood, children with severe asthma or with known allergies to the excipients present in the medicine will be excluded from the vaccination campaign. Children being treated with immunomodulatory or biologic drugs will need to undergo an individual evaluation before proceeding.

Will other children have to undergo clinical tests before being vaccinated?

As for adults, no preparation is necessary in the previous days, unless otherwise indicated by the general practitioner, nor are preventive clinical analyzes necessary.

Will children recovered from Covid be vaccinated?

Yes, but it has not yet been decided how long after recovery or whether they should receive one or two doses.

What to do after the vaccine?

In the following hours and days, symptoms similar to those of adults (redness and pain in the inoculation area, general malaise and fever) may appear, but according to the experimentation in a milder form and of a shorter duration. In any case, on the recommendation of the general practitioner, it is possible to use tachipirina with pediatric dosage to alleviate the symptoms.

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