Squeezed on the first houses, Imu exemption only for one family. All the news

Squeezed on the first houses, Imu exemption only for one family. All the news
Squeezed on the first houses, Imu exemption only for one family. All the news

Families will no longer be able to split into two houses to avoid paying the IMU. Parliament and the government have decided to crack down: the exemption will be valid only for a family home, even if the spouses reside in two different municipalities. A compromise that partially responds to an even more restrictive sentence of the Supreme Court and that established the payment of the Imu for both houses if the spouses were resident in two different properties. More could have been done, is Confedilizia’s belief that it would have preferred the possibility of exempting both homes in cases where work reasons divide families.

The tax decree unlocks the bonus for separated parents

The news comes with the tax decree, after a night marathon, and trust in the Senate is expected. The bonus for separated parents has also been unlocked, approved in the spring but remained frozen due to difficulties in its application: the modification bears the signature of Salvini and provides for a check of 800 euros per month that goes to those who do not receive maintenance because the another parent is in financial difficulties due to Covid. Allocated a total of 10 million in 2021, now to make it truly operational it will be necessary to wait for a dpcm.

All the other news starting from the scrapping of folders

Postponement to December 9 (to December 14 with 5 days of tolerance) the scrapping-ter and the balance and excerpt, expected at the end of November. Two-month extension, as of January 31, for IRAP for those who last year enjoyed an exemption that was not due, a measure for medium-large companies that have exceeded the limits for state aid. More time (from 150 to 180 days) also for suspended files for the Covid emergency.

Exceptional transport, there is the bow

The limits on the maximum capacity allowed for exceptional road transport have been canceled. The duration of the concessions for state-owned areas in the ports has been extended by another 12 months.

Covid, the rules for disease and quarantine

The rules for the application of the disease to private employees for precautionary quarantine, for fragile workers and in the event of hospitalization have been extended to 2021.

Disability allowance

Green light to the possibility of combining the disability allowance with an income from work up to € 4,931.29. There is a deadline, September 30, 2022, for the use by companies of temporary workers hired on an indefinite basis by the employment agencies. The figure of the person in charge of security supervision is strengthened.

Relief for those hiring workers with autism disorders

Reductions for startups hiring workers with autism spectrum disorder for two thirds of the staff.

Recruitment in private healthcare

The possibility of hiring part-time temporary postgraduates has been extended to accredited private healthcare facilities until 2022.

Funds to local authorities

Allocated 990 million for 2021, including 600 million for health costs of the Regions linked to Covid. Public administrations – Regions and local authorities can use the rankings of competitions announced by other public administrations.

The Church will not pay the Tari and subsidies for principals

He does not have to pay the waste tax for basilicas and other buildings. School administrators have no civil, administrative and criminal liability if they require safety interventions.

Cash up to a thousand euros and other payments

The decrease from 2,000 euros to 1,000 from January has been confirmed, and that for currency exchange operations rises to 3,000. Sports federations, bodies, associations and companies can pay contributions and compulsory insurance in 9 installments due in December. Postponed to 2023, the obligation for hospitals, pharmacies and clinics to electronically transmit data relating to daily payments. The abolition of electronic invoicing for the sale of cross-border goods and services (esterometer) postponed to July 2022.

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