Vaccine obligation: from Germany to Greece, the favorable front is growing

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The last in chronological order to add her voice to the chorus of supporters of a “generalized” obligation of immunization against Covid was the president of the EU Commission Ursula von der Leyen: «Until two or three years ago I would never have thought that but it is time to discuss the vaccination obligation». Before her, the German Chancellor in pectore Olaf Scholz he had assured that Parliament would decide by the end of the year and in the event of a go-ahead, the restriction would come into effect at “the beginning of February or the beginning of March”.

As of February 1st, Austria has been studying a fine of 3,600 euros for those withdrawn. The measure was already announced by Greece which for the over 60 provides a monthly penalty of 100 euros for those who do not comply with the obligation by January 16: a choice that the premier Kyriakos Mītsotakīs he called it “the price to pay for health”.

Bonomi: moving towards the vaccination obligation

In Italy, the president of Confindustria Carlo Bonomi he expressed his support for the measure: «As it is structured today, the super green pass does not convince us very much, because the more you add particularities to the application, the more difficult it becomes to apply it. Therefore, I believe that we must acknowledge that there is a resurgence in numbers and move towards an obligation to vaccinate, with all the ensuing difficulties “, starting with” how you make it obligatory “said the leader of the industrialists.

Di Maio: “For now we convince the undecided”

On the further tightening, however, the government remains cautious. “For now we can afford not to address this issue yet, because the Italians are responsible,” explained Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio. “Each country has its difficulties, but we can still afford to try to convince the 15% who have not yet been vaccinated. Many of them are simply afraid, on that part – he added – we can continue to work ».

Von der Leyen, it is time to discuss the vaccination obligation

The vaccination obligation “is the responsibility of the Member States, so it is not up to us to make recommendations”, was the premise of von der Leyen when replying to journalists. “If you ask me about my personal position, two or three years ago I never thought I’d see what we see now. We have an ongoing pandemic, we have vaccines that save lives and are not used properly everywhere, and this has a huge health cost, “explained the president of the EU Commission. We have ‘a third of the unvaccinated European population. It involves many people. Not everyone can be vaccinated but the vast majority can and therefore it is understandable and appropriate to have the debate now on how to think about introducing a mandatory vaccine in the EU “.


Vaccine obligation Germany Greece favorable front growing

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