Sassuolo, Ferrari: “We are at the beginning of our journey. Italy? Of course I hope so.”

Gian Marco Ferrari, defender of Sassuolo, he commented to the microphones of DAZN the 2-2 draw against Napoli.

Match analysis:
“We certainly hoped to win it but the glass remains half full, it was not easy to recover it under two goals, we did it, we gave continuity and we are happy. In the past we were a bit light, we wanted to show today that in a great match we were able to stay there and now we want to confirm ourselves with Spezia “.

Where can this Sassuolo go?
“We are at the beginning of the journey, the championship is long, many are young, we want to grow together and we will see where we can get”.

Are you hoping for Italy at this point?
“Yes, of course I cultivate hope, then there are many great players in front of me, but I work to make myself ready if an opportunity comes”.


Sassuolo Ferrari beginning journey Italy hope

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