Registrations down by 25% in November, it is a black crisis in the automotive sector

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It is a black crisis for the car market, which recorded 104,478 registrations in Italy in November, with a decrease of 25% on November 2020 and of 31% on the same period of 2019. The negative trend of recent months is heavily affecting the market. ‘trend of the entire year, from January to November, 134 thousand cars were registered against 120 thousand last year, with a recovery that was reduced to 8.6% compared to 2020, a period conditioned by a pandemic and lockdown.

At the heart of the crisis is the lack of semiconductors which conditions production, extends the delivery times of cars and represents, according to the latest survey by the Promotor Study Center, the first cause of the current situation according to 81% of dealers questioned. As highlighted by Unrae, in 11 months the chasm of cars lost compared to 2019 is over 400 thousand units.

However, the general economic situation – for 39% of the interviewees – also weighs on the strong market contraction, the persistence of the coronavirus health emergency (30%) and the demonization of diesel (28%). «Another element of weakness for the car market – underlines Gian Primo Quagliano, head of Promotor – is the confusion of consumers. Many motorists do not yet feel in a position to switch to electric, but they have strong hesitation in buying traditionally powered cars ».

To all this, we must add that the funding for incentives for zero-emission or low-emission cars and for traditionally fueled ones with emissions of no more than 135 grams per kilometer of CO2 are now exhausted. A very sensitive issue for the sector given that the Finance law for 2022 does not provide for measures to support the car market.

There are few exceptions among the various car brands, which recorded heavy decreases compared to November a year ago: Dacia, Dr, Hyundai and Kia resist in positive ground, the performance of Porche and Tesla on reduced volumes good. Considering the registrations since the beginning of the year, Renault’s negative result stands out, losing almost 10% of volumes compared to January-November 2020. Ford, Honda and Nissan have also lost since the beginning of the year.


Registrations November black crisis automotive sector

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