A December free PS Plus game isn’t what we thought

A December free PS Plus game isn’t what we thought
A December free PS Plus game isn’t what we thought

A few hours ago Sony officially unveiled the line-up of new arrivals on PS More in the month of December 2021, started just starting today.

For those few who don’t know, PlayStation Plus is a subscription service which allows you to play games, as well as cloud space for saves and various options for playing in multiplayer.

The leaks have in fact proved correct, given that there will be three games to land, in addition to some important additions.

The free November games will still be available for a few days anyway, although it now seems that one particular game that will be added to PS Plus this month is actually not what many thought it was.

As reported by Push Square, it appears that the version of Godfall included in the PlayStation Plus line-up for the month of December is not in fact the full game.

In fact, it would be a simple trial version, called ‘Challenger Edition‘, which does not include the single player campaign but only the three les endgame mode, i.e. Lightbringer, Dream Stones and Ascended Tower of Evidence.

Godfall: Challenger Edition therefore evades the story content of the base game and the Fire & Darkness expansions: however, anyone who wants to will be able to upgrade from the Challenger Edition to the Deluxe Edition of Godfall, although at the moment it is not clear the price required for the “click”.

The fact is that some PS Plus users would already be complaining that they can’t get their hands on the full version of the game, which is why Sony’s choice to include the trial edition it may not have been a completely wise move.

We remember in every way that you can redeem PS5 games even without owning the console: here’s how you have to do it.

But that’s not all: PlayStation Plus recently broke a new and important record, proving itself a service truly appreciated by players from all over the world.

Finally, still today Sony has decided to publish a surprise new firmware update for PS5, thus bringing the console software to later version.

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