You have delusions of protagonism, so you talk to your wife not to me

You have delusions of protagonism, so you talk to your wife not to me
You have delusions of protagonism, so you talk to your wife not to me

Big Brother Vip 2021/2022

Clash between Alex Belli and Soleil It rises in the house of Big Brother Vip 2021. The gieffina accused the actor, who a few days ago said he was in love with her, of disrespecting other competitors.

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Big Brother Vip 2021/2022

Alex Belli had a fight with Soleil Sorge in the house of Big Brother Vip 2021. The actor did not have time to say he was in love with her, and a quarrel broke out. It all started with a game. The authors invited the gieffini to welcome the new arrivals, recounting memories of the first days spent in the house. The game was moderated by Alex Belli, when Soleil got up and left.

GF Vip, the clash between Soleil Sorge and Alex Belli

Alex Belli reached Soleil to understand the reason for his behavior. La gieffina explained: “Disrespect irritates me“. The actor does not fit:”You have disrespected by leaving. You never see your lack of respect, you always see those of others. You are always on the side of reason, you are always the right one“. The former face of Men and Women, then, accused him of generalizing:

“If you want, let’s talk about this very specific moment, but generalizing is beyond all logic. Avoid saying” You are always, you are always … “. Go and judge someone else. I don’t always get up and walk away. L ‘I did today, because you don’t leave room for anyone to talk. You have a mania for being a protagonist that is tiring “.

Belli, speaking above Soleil, tried to reply: “Trust that I am 40 years old, I have no delusions of protagonism, you have them“. As Belli left the room, Soleil concluded:”I am the protagonist, but you have the mania my darling“.

Soleil confesses he can’t stand Alex Belli

Soleil Sorge, after the clash with Alex Belli, vented with Manila Nazzaro. He explained to the former Miss Italy, that at a time when everyone was called to tell each other, she only heard the voice of Alex Belli. Then, he remarked on behavior that he can no longer tolerate:

“Since he has been doing this job for years, he should also be able to do it. You don’t do it this way. It has to leave space and respect for other people. It irritates me to see people trample other people’s spaces, to exalt themselves. It sends me into a tailspin because it’s a lack of respect that I don’t allow myself to do. Alex always does this. I never put up with it, I talked to Gianmaria two months ago about this thing. He came here and he said: “You always do this”, throwing his frustrations on me. But how dare you. Go talk to your wife like this, I certainly won’t let me talk to her. She started to raise her voice. he holds them, I have endured enough already. “

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