Lazio in the yellow zone at Christmas, the risk is real – The prefect asks for the adoption of outdoor masks

Lazio in the yellow zone at Christmas, the risk is real – The prefect asks for the adoption of outdoor masks
Lazio in the yellow zone at Christmas, the risk is real – The prefect asks for the adoption of outdoor masks

Salute – The region has exceeded one of the three parameters that determine the passage in the color range, while a second has reached the limit threshold – The percentage of ordinary hospitalizations is decisive, now at 11% and which must not exceed 15% – Giovanni Bruno would be to send a letter to all municipalities to impose the anticovid garrison in squares and streets

by Samuele Sansonetti

Crowd of people

Viterbo – Lazio in the area at Christmas? The risk is there. Meanwhile, the prefect will ask all municipalities to impose masks even outdoors.

The passage of a region in the first color band is determined by three parameters: incidence over 50 cases of Covid-19 per 100 thousand inhabitants, occupancy of beds in intensive care above 10% and occupancy of beds in the medical area beyond above 15%.

In Lazio, the data from Agenas are eloquent and speak of a weekly incidence of over 156 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants (issue for the week from 15 to 21 November), which combined with the percentage of beds in intensive care that has reached the limit of 10% leaves only the occupancy of the beds in the medical area with values ​​below the average.

Coronavirus – The incidence of Covid-19 per 100 thousand inhabitants in Lazio

The latter figure, again according to the National Agency for Regional Health Services, is 11% and it is precisely on the stability of this indicator that the game is being played for the next few weeks. In the event of a climb, Lazio is destined to go the same way as Friuli Venezia Giulia and Alto Adige: the first already in the yellow zone and the second that will officially return from Monday.

Comparing the data of Covid hospitalizations a month ago and the current ones, the situation does not bode well: on 29 October Lazio had 49 patients in intensive care and 376 in the medical area while yesterday, 30 November, it had 97 patients in intensive care and 708 in the medical area. Within a month, both numbers have substantially doubled.

Coronavirus – The occupation of beds in intensive care and the occupation of beds in the medical area in Lazio

Christmas is still about a month away, I believe that with correct behavior and vaccination the yellow zone can be avoided – explained yesterday the president of the region Nicola Zingaretti to radio Capital –. We still have to fight, let’s not let our guard down for that too. Fighting means running with the third dose and above all in crowded places and in the streets of commerce and certainly wearing a mask indoors. We were the region that had fewer days in the yellow zone in the previous wave. We must not be afraid, but we must work to be able to avoid it.

We must never forget that data are not children of chance or fate, but are closely linked to everyone’s individual behavior. First of all, you need to get vaccinated, and then with respect to winter and the fact that you frequent each other more for Christmas you have to be more careful: if there is more responsibility, there is more safety. We are already in a phase of pre-alert and therefore of preparation. The very indicative thing is that the incidence of ICU admissions among vaccinated people is 90% less than that of non-vaccinated people, and that this time the ICU admissions are 70% less than the 355 of the same. time of last year. It is the umpteenth confirmation that the vaccine is the shield against Covid, and it is also this time “.

The situation is so worrying that the prefect of Viterbo, Giovanni Bruno, is about to ask, with a formal letter to all the mayors of the municipalities of Tuscia, to impose the masks outdoors. This is to minimize the spread of the virus and make a normal Christmas possible. The prefect would have announced the decision yesterday during the meeting with the police and local administrators, The controls for the application of anti-Covid directives are also increasing.

Samuele Sansonetti

December 1, 2021

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