drastic drop in players on Steam less than a month after launch – Nerd4.life

drastic drop in players on Steam less than a month after launch – Nerd4.life
drastic drop in players on Steam less than a month after launch – Nerd4.life

Less than a month after the debut of Battlefield 2042 its Steam, the number of active players is dropping steadily and at a rather alarming rate.

DICE’s new multiplayer shooter is available from November 19, but the servers actually opened their doors the previous week thanks to Early Access. The game was not welcomed with open arms, due to the numerous criticisms related to bugs and the absence of features considered by the players as fundamental, such as voice chat.

As MP1st reports, a rather alarming picture emerges from the SteamDB data relating to the number of active players on Steam, going from a maximum peak of 105,397 online players simultaneously recorded on 11 November to 57,186 on 25 November, practically almost half after only 14 days. Future estimates are also not encouraging, with a peak of 30,000 players expected on December 9th.

Obviously, the data takes into consideration only and exclusively Steam players, thus excluding all users who play Battlefield 2042 on Origin, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S and One, so it is impossible to have a complete picture of the situation at the moment. . The constant drop in users recorded on Steam is undoubtedly alarming, but there is still ample room for maneuver to revive the situation, given that we are talking about a multiplayer shooter that will be supported for a long time.

As previously mentioned, gamers haven’t digested Battlefield 2042’s technical and performance issues, lack of some vital features, as well as some DICE design choices. For their part, the developers have rolled up their sleeves and intend to solve the flaws in the game with a series of updates. One arrived last week, while Update 3 will be released in the coming days, with a third scheduled before the holiday season. Also in early 2022, DICE will announce plans for Battlefield 2042 Season 1.


drastic drop players Steam month launch Nerd4life

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