the child returns to Italy from Israel on 3 December at the home of his aunt Aya-

the child returns to Italy from Israel on 3 December at the home of his aunt Aya-
the child returns to Italy from Israel on 3 December at the home of his aunt Aya-
from Giuseppe Guastella

The 6-year-old boy was kidnapped and brought to Israel on 11 September by his grandfather Shmuel Peleg and his accomplice Gabriel Alon Abutbul. The return to Italy decided after the ruling of the Israeli court

The flight was scheduled. Eitan Biran, the only six-year-old child who survived the Mottarone tragedy of 23 May, will return to Italy on Friday 3 December. Two days ago the Israeli Supreme Court rejected the appeal of the maternal grandparents, Shmuel Peleg and his ex-wife Esther, ordering the return to Pavia within 15 days. Less will be enough. A couple. The Tel Aviv Court, confirming the first and second instance decisions, in fact, it recognized the international abduction of the child. On Tuesday evening it was granted to maternal grandparents the opportunity to see and greet the child before departure. Eitan will return to Travac Siccomario (Pavia), to the house where he lives with his aunt Aya, his uncle Or Nirko and two cousins.

The tragedy and the kidnapping

Amit and Tal, Eitan’s father and mother, died in the accident on the Mottarone on 23 May together with their other son Tom, two years old, and their grandparents. On 11 September, Peleg, 63, retired lieutenant colonel in the Israeli army, a consultant for a telecommunications company, had picked up Eitan in Travac Siccomario and loaded him on a Golf hired the day before at Malpensa. With him, the accomplice Gabriel Alon Abutbul, the operative arm in the seizure. The car crossed the Italian-Swiss border in Chiasso without undergoing checks also because, as stated in the investigation papers, the ban on expatriation was not included in the Schengen alert networks, which Switzerland adheres to. A trivial technical problem. Even when the car was stopped at 2.10 pm by the Swiss cantonal police near the Lugano-Agno airport, there was no further investigation. After that, at 3 pm, Eitan was embarked on a Cessna 680 of the German company Aronwest from Hanover and rented for 42 thousand euros. Route to Tel Aviv. Three hours after the landing. Since then the child in Israel.

The arrest of the accomplice

The accomplice of grandfather Peleg, Gabriel Alon Abutbul, was arrested in Cyprus and then released from prison with the obligation to sign after having paid a deposit of 200,000 euros. The procedure for extradition to Italy will move forward in the next hearings. Peleg and Alon, according to the Pavia prosecutor Mario Venditti and the substitute Valentina De Stefano, had organized and planned the kidnapping probably already immediately after the child was entrusted on May 24 to his paternal aunt Aya, when he was still hospitalized in the Turin hospital.

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