Covid, Musumeci signs ordinance: in Sicily outdoor masks and restrictions on flights, measures

Covid, Musumeci signs ordinance: in Sicily outdoor masks and restrictions on flights, measures
Covid, Musumeci signs ordinance: in Sicily outdoor masks and restrictions on flights, measures

From tomorrow in Sicily, the obligation of an outdoor mask from 12 years upwards, further restrictions for flights arriving from South Africa but also Egypt, Turkey and Israel and molecular swabs and not shorter ones – for migrants after the possible quarantine. As anticipated in the past few hours, the ordinance of five articles has arrivedi, signed a few minutes ago by the President of the Region, Nello Musumeci.

“I signed half an hour ago – Musumeci told SkyTg24 – I adopted the measure after having listened to the health authorities”. The ordinance will take effect in the next 24 hours.

The situation

The number of new positives in the last two days has been stationary but what is worrying are on the one hand, the inevitable gatherings in the shopping streets and squares and on the other, the movement between one region and another with many young students and workers who return to Sicily for the holidays.

There were also ad hoc ordinances last year. The scenes of March 2020 will remain historic when many people ran to the stations to get on the trains to the South before the total closure of the Conte government. We are not in that situation, but the concern for the arrival of so many people from other regions, with more or less infections from Sicily, worries the government which would like to apply measures already implemented in the past as greater controls.

With regard to the outdoor masks, Sicily is adapting to other regions whose obligation has already started. In some cities the protective device must always be worn in others only in some streets or squares, such as in Turin or Florence.

The president of Anci, Antonio Decaro, made it known that the mayors have asked the government to evaluate the opportunity to make the use of the mask outdoors mandatory throughout the national territory from 6 December to 15 January. “Those – he explained – are the days of Christmas where for shopping, for the right desire to be together and to make community, there is a greater possibility of gathering in our cities. If there were a national provision, as we explained in Government, it would be a good thing, because we would give a single signal to the whole country “. Pending a possible measure by the national government, Sicily, as well as other regions, could intervene with ordinances that provide for certain restrictions in the territory.

Musumeci also spoke about No Vax: “I am convinced that in the” no vax “area there is a band of so-called non-irreducible citizens, who for fear or insufficient information. Remains suspicious. I believe that with a drastic and restrictive measure, obviously extraordinary, we could recover this large band of undecided. The data shows that 80 percent of hospitalized patients did not receive vaccines. “

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