here are the regions that risk at Christmas

here are the regions that risk at Christmas
here are the regions that risk at Christmas

Yellow zone the regions that risk at Christmas. To hear the president of the Veneto, Luca Zaia, “Probably, if it continues like this, all of Italy, or almost, will turn yellow in the next few weeks”. The forecast of the Northern League governor is, however, more gloomy than what the experts predict. According to the evolution of the pandemic in the various Regions, where to switch in yellow the incidence index must exceed 50 positives al Covid every 100 thousand inhabitants, the terapie intensive must exceed the threshold of 10% of occupancy of the beds and the medical areas that of 15%, at the moment after Friuli Venezia Giulia and (from Monday) theSouth Tyrol no other areas of the country will soon pass in yellow.

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However, in Lombardy, Valle d’Aosta, Lazio, Veneto, Marche, Liguria and Calabria the picture is described as alarming. In these Regions there are values ​​close to 10% of admissions to intensive care or 15% of ordinary admissions. The Northeast is the most exposed area, also due to its proximity to Austria and Slovenia, where the virus is rampant. Government and Regions rely heavily on Reinforced green pass and the consequent tightening of the checks scheduled between 6 December and 15 January to curb the spread of the virus in a particularly complicated period such as the holidays, when the opportunities for gathering multiply.


In an autonomous way, many cities are already imposing the use of an outdoor mask: yesterday it was Turin’s turn, but the mayors of Genoa and Cagliari are also preparing to sign similar orders. Anci, the association of municipalities, asks the government to evaluate the extension of the obligation throughout the national territory. Undersecretary for Health Andrea Costa recalled that “even today the outdoor mask is mandatory in cases where gatherings occur”, but on the hypothesis of emphasizing more clearly the rule “we are reflecting”.


However, the bezel cannot solve the problem. The arrival of the variante Omicron and the hard core of No vax, put the holiday season at risk. In fact, at Christmas they could turn yellow Lazio, Lombardy e Veneto. Liguria, Marche, Emilia Romagna and Campania are also at risk. This would imply the obligation of the mask outdoors and (for the No vax) the ban on sitting at the table in the restaurant in more than four people. On the other hand, according to experts, there will be very difficult Regions that will pass into the orange zone, an area for which a strong differentiation would be expected between those who have the reinforced Green pass (obtained with a vaccine or after recovery from Covid) and those who have the “base” one. that you can have with the tampon. For example, those with the Green pass strengthened also in orange will be able to move freely, even outside their region, go to the bar and restaurant, to the gym and swimming pool, to the cinema and the theater, to ski, to participate in fairs and conferences, to attend markets. , spas and amusement parks. With the basic Green pass, however, these activities will be prohibited.


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