Enrico Varriale: “I’m ashamed of myself but I’m not a monster”

Enrico Varriale: “I’m ashamed of myself but I’m not a monster”
Enrico Varriale: “I’m ashamed of myself but I’m not a monster”

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ROME, ITALY – JUNE 25: Enrico Varriale attends RAI Yearly TV Show Schedule at Villa Piccolomini on June 25, 2015 in Rome, Italy. (Photo by Elisabetta A. Villa/Getty Images)

“I have done something that cannot and should not be done. Never”. These are the words of the journalist Enrico Varriale, on trial for stalking his partner. Interviewed by La Repubblica he told his version of events. The former deputy director of Rai Sport rejected the accusations from the outset, assisted by defense lawyers Fabio Lattanzi and Stefano Maranella.

Not to mitigate my responsibilities, but to affirm a simple concept: I was wrong but I am not a monster.

The facts are those reconstructed by the investigating judge Monica Ciancio, after the complaints of his partner. But Varriale also wants to tell his perspective.

We both hit each other, but I didn’t hit her and I never put my hands around her neck – she explains – in the end I had a black eye, the worst one was me.

Varriale’s partner reported twice: once on 9 August, for injuries and then once on 14 September, for stalking. And she had stated that his partner had tightened his hands around her neck as he tried to defend himself. That quarrel, which took place on August 6, ended with a five-day prognosis for the woman.

It doesn’t have to happen. I admit that it happened. I haven’t checked myself. We hit ourselves. But what happened, which I am ashamed of, must be placed in the right context. I am not violent, I am not a stalker, I have not tried to strangle her.

For the moment, a ban on approaching the companion and the places she usually frequents is ordered against the journalist.


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