Beautiful Gallery: in Milan the rooms where you can take photos for Instagram

Beautiful Gallery: in Milan the rooms where you can take photos for Instagram
Beautiful Gallery: in Milan the rooms where you can take photos for Instagram

Beautiful Gallery: what it is

“It is always difficult to be yourself”. These are the first six words that you read if you are looking for the official presentation of the project Admission to be yourself by Beautiful Gallery. It is from here that the very special interactive exhibition takes shape, which has been successful in Bologna for three years and has found a new home in Milan since Saturday 27 November.

“Beautiful Gallery has created a path that aims to make you think how to be truly happy by focusing on yourself, on who you are deep inside, regardless of others”

Of course, in a world where many media – social networks above all – lead to admiring and flattering the glossy perfect life of others, the idea of Admission to be yourself is to exploit the artistic works created to this to immerse yourself without thoughts and then come out happy. Fundamental role of the concept of Beautiful Gallery is photography, this time not as an object of veneration towards celebrities and influencers, but as an opportunity to immortalize oneself in a decidedly unconventional, evocative and dreamy world. Of course, then it won’t be hard to find ideas for the new profile picture of Instagram… watch.

Beautiful Gallery in Milan: where it is and how to get there

The real birth date of this project dates back to three years ago, but the launch city of Beautiful Gallery it was Bologna, the perfect ground for innovative and alternative experiments. In the capital of Emilia-Romagna at the moment there is a second edition, called Don’t call me baby, which focuses on gender equality and opportunities to become a child again.

Either way, from 27 November 2021 to 10 March 2022 in Milan there is indeed Admission to be yourself which through art will help visitors to rediscover beauty within themselves when they are used to envying it on the outside. The exhibition is located in via Bergognone 26, in the Tortona area, easily reachable on foot if you reach the Porta Genova or Sant’Agostino stops by subway – line 2.

“We have transformed social-distancing into our strength”, explains the official website, and the impression is that the desired effect is to unhinge the unhealthy mechanics of the world of the internet and social networks: not by rejecting them, but by demonstrating how a more aware and balanced attitude can be fundamental to make the most of useful and pleasant tools. Obviously, beyond the ethical issues, the objective of the visitors to the exhibition will be to spend an hour in a parallel world, different, foreign, full of photo opportunity, and then come out of it in a good mood and full of new ones shots catchalike for those who wish it.

Beautiful Gallery: how much does it cost to go to the exhibition

Obviously the time is limited, even if not reduced, since there are in total a couple of months and a half to accept the invitation of Admission to be yourself, the Beautiful Gallery exhibition in Milan. The full ticket costs 18 euro and there are two possibilities, since access is only available by reservation. By consulting the calendar available online, you can already choose the most convenient day and time by tying the ticket to it (which you can change if necessary), alternatively you can buy an “open” ticket – for example if you want give someone a gift – with whom you can then book a seat at a later time.

The scope of the exhibition is 50 people every 30 minutes, for a total of one hundred every hour, and therefore you will be part of a rather large group. You will have to take off your shoes and the sense of direction is unique, guided. For minors the price drops to 13 euros, but there is a possibility of getting it for free. The little ones, in fact, will enjoy free access under one meter in height. The same goes for the older ones, but not of age: anyone over 200 centimeters in height will not have to put their hand to the wallet.

Beautiful Gallery: the rooms

Since photographs are not only allowed but also strongly recommended, just browse the fantastic world of the internet a little to get some preview of the show Admission to be yourself inaugurated last weekend. It must be said that in total the rooms you come across are 14, each curated by a different artist with specific styles and approaches, in order to make the overall experience in every part unpredictable and surprising.

For example, the same artistic and creative director of Beautiful Gallery, Marco Mazzoni, was personally involved in conceiving and setting up Yellow is the new black, a reality made up of many yellow balls among which you can literally swim. Easy to be in a good mood like this …

And then, again, you can find neon lights, beautiful sunsets and games of alienating contrasts, all in a form that is unique, given that the exhibition has been redesigned precisely for this inauguration of Milano. Finally, a note should be added for those who do not particularly love the world of and influencers: luckily for you it will be difficult to come across any of these specimens, since professional photographs and shootings are not allowed unless on specific request and at dedicated times. Thus, it will be easier to find the beauty in yourself, without elbowing with the bulky egos of others.

(Photo cover: Instagram / ramframmanfredi)

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