Cardano aims for rebirth | The 5 projects to follow

Cardano aims for rebirth | The 5 projects to follow
Cardano aims for rebirth | The 5 projects to follow

Discontent among those who are following Cardano from a purely speculative point of view, with the token being among the worst performer, at least among the large-cap cryptocurrencies, of the last few weeks.

The integration of smart contract and all the core that can offer developers the development tools for Decentralized apps it is not yet impacting the price, although there is a lot going on in this substrate and we believe it is necessary to talk about what is happening.

5 projects to go back to believing in Cardano

There are great projects – that make us bullish your $ ADA in the medium and long term. We can find her from eTorowhich on $ ADA also offers automatic staking – very popular intermediary also for its services fintech, the most advanced in the world and that we can also use for the automatic trading.

It is the only one to offer a CopyTrader advanced, which in just one click allows us to invest by copying the best traders operating on the platform, or to spy on how they are moving. We also have the option of invest con i CopyPortfolios – crypto baskets diversified by capitalization, which offer a similar experience to ETF but without additional commissions. With 50$ we can switch to a real account.

The best 5 projects coming and going on Cardano

There are good reasons to believe the price of Cardano disappointing, but that’s not to say there isn’t much going on following the latest big protocol update. We have decided to describe in short i 5 projects in progress its Cardano which we believe can also change the volumes of use of the protocol.

a decentralized dex, which will offer automatic liquidity in operation native on the Cardano protocol. An AMM of excellent workmanship, which we do not see how it will not be able to play with noble names such as Uniswap. Highly scalable, it can make a difference.

A very interesting protocol for both NFT, both for the decentralized finance, since it allows the exchange of positions and asset tokenizzati on the Cardano network and to other protocols. It is already available on some minor exchanges with its token $PBX. For us it will be one of those to follow.

The name betrays the source of inspiration for this protocol, which aims to offer decentralized credit. One point, as he taught us AAVE, essential for any ecosystem that wants to get serious in the world of DeFi.

A platform born as marketplace for i NFT – which also offers curation, in the sense that the projects that end up on it are selected by a team of experts. Even in this case, we believe that, despite the project working on the sly, there will be excellent opportunities for growth.

System in dual chain, which also relies on Avalanche, blockchain of maximum importance and among those that have grown the most in 2021. Cross-chain operations will be one of the great themes of 2022, and the presence of many projects of this type within Cardano bode well for the growth of the ecosystem as such.

Patience is the virtue of Cardano holders

Before closing – all referring to an in-depth analysis of the protocols we have mentioned – let’s remember the essence before Cardano – which was born as a more thoughtful development blockchain.

Who chose it for the presence of the processes of peer review for practically any novelty introduced, he has no reason to complain about the price action of recent times. Hold, given that with eToro we can also derive an automatic passive income from it – and wait for the many buds in the network to start blooming.

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