Inps, salaried for 15 years but did not have the qualifications: court of Crotone is now asking for a trial, in six trials for fraud against the state

Inps, salaried for 15 years but did not have the qualifications: court of Crotone is now asking for a trial, in six trials for fraud against the state
Inps, salaried for 15 years but did not have the qualifications: court of Crotone is now asking for a trial, in six trials for fraud against the state

The “false manager” of INPS risks the conviction for fraud, who denounced it to go down in history for having closed the way to the “easy hiring” of managers in public bodies. It is another twist in history that just the he told just four years ago, bringing to the attention of the media and competent authorities the “case “by Marisa Arcuri, the official of the headquarters of Crotone who came to denounce herself in order to bring out the Kafkaesque story of which she was a victim, including sanctions, demotion and mobbing: the Gip of the Crotone Court Romina Rizzo last November 16 signed the request for forced indictment against the former manager (and five other people) by ordering the Public Prosecutor’s Office to formulate the charge of fraud against the State “aimed atemployment in the public service”.

The story begins in 2011 when Arcuri, a managerial officer at the provincial INPS office in the Calabrian capital, suspects that its director and superior, Alessandra infante, does not have the titles to occupy that post: essentially that he had never completed a competition to enter the roles of the PA, as required by the Constitution. To clarify this, he does a access to documents, contact the Court of Auditors and the INPS board of statutory auditors, receiving on the other hand only denials, a warning, three disciplinary regulations, the removal from the director of the Cirò Marina agency and a progressive isolation in the offices to the point of inducing substantial inactivity. Even his report to the Anac ends in nothing.

Arcuri, however, is not there, and in front of a judge, in November 2017, she declares: “I know an official who for five years has been paid for doing nothing, absolutely nothing, causing tax damage of at least 200 thousand euros. And that official, Mr. Judge, it’s me“. The story is told for the first time by this newspaper, relaunched by others, and takes a different turn. They leave parliamentary questions followed by somewhat vague answers, if not exactly scrambling, even by the then Minister of Public Administration Marianna Sideboard who in the classroom argued: “Everything is regular”.

On the civil front it will take more than a year (and several services of the Hyenas) to ascertain that, in fact, the Infante had not made a shred of competition, just as Arcuri claimed, and yet for 15 years she had regularly received good wages as a public executive: hired by a private consortium, the CoPross of Crotone, with a fixed-term contract in 2005 she had “passed” from the private law body to Mef and in 2009 annex‘Inps. After the complaints we look for the Mef, we look for the INPS: but only one competition comes up, and it was a competition within the consortium itself for a role as “director”, while the Infante was hired indefinitely in the public as ” manager “. “Having ascertained this, it was removed, and without even a letter of dismissal, since the employment relationship was to be considered de facto null, a concept reaffirmed last October also by the Court of Appeal”, underlines the lawyer Giampaolo Stanizzi, which together with Susanna Simbari followed the story on the civil front.

That still stands criminal. This too, thanks to Arcuri, will perhaps be able to write a new page of jurisprudence that can serve as a warning to those who work in the public administration: in the face of the archiving request filed by the Crotone Prosecutor’s Office, the Gip of the local Court accepted the opposition dell’Arcuri, assisted by the lawyer Antonio Ingroia and ordered the prosecutor to formulate the charge within ten days, assuming against six suspects, including Infante, the commission of a fraud against the Public Administration. There are six people who risk conviction. Besides the Infante, all members of the board of the Copross consortium which authorized its transfer to Mef. In fact, the judge found that the crime of fraud was not prescribed, because it produces effects until the payment of the last emolument received. “After years of silence and cover-ups – he commented Antonio Ingroia – the moment of truth and justice finally arrives, but we are only at the beginning of the journey ”. In the deed, moreover, neither INPS nor Mef are cited as the injured party. On this front, therefore, there could be news.

“Still many remain dark spots – says today Marisa Arcuri – numerous accomplices to whom I will continue firmly to make every accusation, so that everyone is responsible for their own. I opened the basket of dirty clothes, and I did not imagine there were so many. The price I paid is very high: I remember, in recent years, the tension and stress I suffered to defend myself from repeated attacks, sanctions, defamatory acts and slander, even perpetuated with reckless judicial actions. Maybe I should be happy today, but my heartbeats stay fast and my nights sleepless. I trust that Justice will give a signal and a warning to unconstitutional assumptions in the public service, which they can guarantee nothing good “.

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