Dr, the origins of an all-Italian success – Mondo Auto

Dr, the origins of an all-Italian success – Mondo Auto
Dr, the origins of an all-Italian success – Mondo Auto

The history of the brand Dr it began in 2006, thanks to the intuition of the entrepreneur Massimo Di Risio, who was the first to fully understand the potential of an integrated industrial process. In the heart of Molise Thus was born the Dr Motor Company which had started its business by assembling the components of Chery, a Chinese company. From here was born the first SUV, the Dr5, capable of enjoying good success thanks to low prices.

This model integrated a Fiat commonrail diesel engine with the Chinese company’s chassis while the electronics were derived from Bosch, as detailed in today’s edition of The Corriere della Sera. Di Risio has always shown great vision and over the years he had tried to complete various operations for expansion, from the attempted purchase of Termini Imerese, in total disposal from Fiat then led by Marchionne, to Bertone which preferred the Turin brand to the Molise reality. The years of stalemate and failed negotiations, however, did not stop Di Risio who left, changing his name to Dr Automobiles and giving life to a new brand, Evo, which has in its range the cheapest electric car in the world born thanks to the agreement with the Chinese Jac Motors.

Now Dr is looking to the future, with the aim of launching two vehicles in 2022, one for the main brand and one for Evo, which will join the four already available. In addition to the electric we will continue to focus on bi-fuel, both LPG and methane, using a simple but captivating European design. A solid project that October has been able to achieve a + 72.1% with 907 registered cars. “We aspire to be a volume builder and not a niche builder – explained Di Risio -, we hope to continue growing, in 2021 we will exceed 8 thousand registrations and in 2022 we expect to reach 12 thousand. ” The numbers are all on Dr’s side, which in the first 10 months of this year has achieved exponential growth, 136.7% more than in the same period of 2020 and 6,410 cars sold.



origins allItalian success Mondo Auto

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