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“We didn’t expect you tornas …

“We didn’t expect you tornas …
“We didn’t expect you tornas …

From Saturday all with masks on their faces, both in the historic center and in the rest of the municipal area. The Veronese are asked for a further effort to continue living our beautiful city, a very popular tourist destination and in view of the many events that will characterize December.

Yesterday morning the Public Order and Safety Committee was held and on the table, the next trade union ordinance was on the agenda. But above all there was its applicability. The forces of order and the local police will supervise (as they have done up to now) on the use of the mask. It will be the collaborators indicated by the public transport companies to verify the green pass or the super green pass. Utopian to hypothesize that every single user can be controlled, but in the meantime the first technical table is already meeting today to study the feasibility, even with prepared routes on the ground where you can check that everything is in place to embark passengers. The ATV has already announced the further hiring of stewards, another thirty are added to the 70 already at work. Atv will also send letters to subscription holders, we are talking about about 40 thousand users.

Prefect Donato Cafagna has ordered that the managers (buses and railways) prepare a control management plan. “As for the mask worn, I believe and hope that citizens understand that it is not a restriction, but a way to avoid further restrictions”, said Mayor Federico Sboarina, “in these days already many people who frequent via Mazzini and the Bra wear them. In the shops they are necessary, at the Stadium also, as well as at the fair, at the Christmas markets, or in the neighborhood ones if there is a crowd. At this point instead of continuing to remove and put on, they will stay on. The message I’d like to get across is that having more attention will allow us to continue to have an almost normal life. We did not expect to be forced into this, we do it for the good of all. It is clear that it will not be possible to check everyone, for example, there are about 5 thousand ATV stops, and controls in the main hubs will be strengthened, “said the mayor.

Turn of the screw even against those who insist on not wearing masks, as for example in the parades organized by No vax rather than by No green pass. “The obligation to wear a mask outdoors also applies to them”, says the prefect Cafagna, “I will give provisions for those who do not wear them to be sanctioned, it is not necessary to do it immediately, you can also do it by viewing the images of the cameras that in these cases film the demonstrations ».

The controls are there, and how, even if they do not jump to the eye. The numbers show that, on 29 November, 1,665 people were checked by all the police forces and the Local, and one person was sanctioned. On the same day, 79 commercial establishments were inspected. From 10 March 2020 to 29 November 2021, 725,783 people were checked, 7,760 were sanctioned and 131 reported. A total of 11,595 businesses were controlled and 295 managers were sanctioned. For 68 of them the license was suspended and for 29 the closure.

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