On the Navigli of Milan a floating exhibition where you can take the HIV test for free

A floating photographic exhibition where it is also possible to undergo an HIV test at no cost. It happens on the ‘Barcun de Milan’ of the Naviglio Grande on 1 December, on the occasion of the World AIDS Day.

“In 2019 alone, in Italy, more than 2500 people received a diagnosis of HIV infection, mainly caused by unprotected sexual intercourse – reads a note from Anlaids Lombardia which has always promoted the culture of prevention and organized the exhibition -. Never before, thanks to medical advances, we can finally prevent and cure this virus. But we must never let our guard down and above all do not forget that information and prevention are confirmed as two fundamental cornerstones for dealing with any virus, at any age ” .

The floating exhibition

On the occasion of the World AIDS Day, on 1 December the Association organizes a very special day, characterized by the photographic exhibition of great visual impact, entitled ‘If you love freedom, protect it’, with images by photographer Roberto Saletti, a versatile artist whose production focuses on black and white photography. It is a unique installation, aboard a boat on the waters of the Naviglio Grande towpath, made possible thanks to the support of Control and Viatris.

The photos of the unusual floating exhibition, part of the PrPeparati Campaign, are 12, on the boat two big size images will be visible from the mainland, and between them all the shots will rotate non-stop on a large ledwall: their brilliance and luminosity will be particularly evident at nightfall and during the two nights of the installation.

The exhibition will last 40 hours, as many years since the emergence of HIV in the world, and will be rich in meanings and evocative forms that intend to sensitize civil society with a view to social inclusion. Each work, with intertwining very suggestive black and white bodies, represents the freedom to live one’s sexuality in the awareness of the importance of prevention.

Along the route on the Navigli, to get to the floating exhibition at number 66 of the Alzaia Naviglio Grande, Anlaids has placed several information totems that illustrate the significant moments and achievements of medicine in the 40-year history of AIDS, since the arrival of the virus in 1981 to Professor Fernando Aiuti’s iconic kiss to Rosaria Iardino, from the discovery of the first antiretroviral drugs to the excellent results of the treatments.

During the day of December 1, the doctors and volunteers of Anlaids Lombardia will be present with awareness-raising activities and will distribute material on prevention issues in partnership with Control; and on the boat, from 5 pm to 11 pm, it will be possible to do free salivary HIV tests with a quick result in a quarter of an hour, in the presence of specialists and psychologists. All those who carry out the Open Test and participate in the engagement activities will be given a Control prevention kit. The volunteers of the Italian Red Cross of Milan will be present to support Anlaids throughout the duration of the exhibition, who have made themselves available to support the initiative.

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