Von der Leyen, it’s time to discuss mandatory vaccination – Europe

Von der Leyen, it’s time to discuss mandatory vaccination – Europe
Von der Leyen, it’s time to discuss mandatory vaccination – Europe

BRUSSELS – “Pfizer vaccine doses for children will be ready from 13 December”. This was announced there president of the EU Commission Ursula von der Leyen in a press conference on the Covid emergency.

As for Omicron, ‘I thank South Africa for the speed with which they warned us about Omicron. It gave us the opportunity to act quickly. Every day counts in this situation. WHO considers Omicron to be high risk, we don’t know everything about Omicron, but we know enough to be worried. It’s a race against time, ‘said von der Leyen. “Scientists say they don’t know enough,” he added. “It takes two or three weeks, which in a pandemic is an eternity. For this the recommendation is to get vaccinated. Let’s hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. “

“Until two or three years ago I would never have thought that but it is time to discuss the obligation to vaccinate”, said the president of the EU commission.

“The EU is an epidemiological region, whatever we do and we agree how the EU should be centered on people, it is not a discourse of borders. The virus doesn’t stop at borders “, underlines the president of the EU Commission, adding that the green pass “must be constantly adapted to the pandemic situation. It is right that now not only vaccination is included, but booster too. The message is that the recall is carried out at 6 months “from the complete cycle.

“Testing is fine, the tracking is important“, he added.” On travels we have wanted to ensure the safety of movements from the beginning. We work closely with Member States to continue coordination as much as possible, “he explained instead Commissioner for Health Stella Kyriakides.


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Von der Leyen time discuss mandatory vaccination Europe

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