Super green pass, when it is triggered and how to obtain the green certification

Super green pass, when it is triggered and how to obtain the green certification
Super green pass, when it is triggered and how to obtain the green certification

Super green pass, when it is taken and how it is obtained.

The Council of Ministers of November 24 gave the green light to the decree that strengthens the anti-Covid measures. Only people vaccinated or cured will be able to obtain the “super green pass“, which will be valid throughout the country, also in the white zone, from 6 December. Access to sporting events, shows, bars and restaurants indoors, but also to parties and discos will be allowed only to holders of the super certification. The vaccine obligation has been extended to school staff and law enforcement agencies. Third dose available for all adults from 1 December.

Vaccination obligation

The provision provides for the extension of the vaccination obligation to the third dose to subjects for whom the law already provided for the obligation to vaccinate. The extension is valid from 15 December next and excludes the possibility of being used for different tasks.

Furthermore, the extension of the vaccination obligation to further categories is established, again starting from 15 December:

  • * administrative staff of health
  • * teachers and administrative staff of the school
  • * military
  • * police forces, including the prison police, public aid personnel.

Green Pass

On the Green Certification front, the text provides that the validity period of the Green Pass is reduced from the current 12 to 9 months. The Green Pass obligation is extended to other sectors: hotels; changing rooms for sports activities; regional and interregional rail transport services; local public transport services.

Furthermore, starting from 6 December 2021, the Green Pass is doubled: the Reinforced Green Pass (super green pass), issued only to people vaccinated or cured, and the “basic” Green Pass, issued to those who undergo a molecular (valid for 72 hours) or antigenic (valid for 48 hours) swab. The reinforced Green Pass, starting from 6 December 2021 until 15 January 2022, is already valid in the white zone and is necessary for carrying out activities that would otherwise be subject to restrictions in the yellow and orange zone. The activities are as follows:

  • * Shows
  • * Spectators of sporting events
  • * Catering indoors
  • * Parties and discos
  • * Public ceremonies

In case of passage in the orange zone, the restrictions and limitations do not apply, but only holders of the reinforced Green Pass can access the activities.

Other measures

The prefectures must provide a provincial plan for carrying out constant checks within 5 days of the entry into force of the text and are obliged to draw up a weekly report to be sent to the Ministry of the Interior. The communication campaign in favor of vaccination will be strengthened. The Government has taken and intends to take other administrative decisions:

  • * the third dose is already allowed 5 months after the second;
  • * will open immediately the third dose for under 40s;
  • * if authorized, vaccination campaigns may be launched for the age group 5-12 years.

How to get the Super Green Pass

The Super Green Pass is obtained in the same way as for the Green Certification COVID-19, but it comes issued only to people who have been vaccinated or cured. Obtaining COVID-19 Green Certification is simple. More channels have been provided, with or without digital identity, in full autonomy or with help.

The green certification COVID-19, in Europe “EU Digital COVID Certificate“, Is issued in Italy by the Ministry of Health in digital and printable format.

I had the third dose of the vaccine, will I receive a COVID-19 Green Certification?

Yes, a new COVID-19 Green Certification is issued and you will receive a message with a new AUTHCODE code via SMS or email. If you do not receive it within 48 hours of vaccination you can try to retrieve it yourself on this site.

The new Certifications for “third dose” (also called “booster” or “booster” dose) and “second dose” in the case of Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) vaccine or post-recovery vaccine are issued within 48 hours of vaccination and are valid for 12 months from the date of administration.

From 12 November 2021, the new ones green pass booster vaccinations are issued indicating in the “number of doses performed / total number of doses planned for a complete vaccination cycle”:

  • * 2 of 2 in the case of booster after a single-dose vaccine (Janssen);
  • * 2 of 2 in the case of a single dose booster following recovery from Covid-19;
  • * 3 of 3 in the case of a booster after the completion of the first two-dose vaccination course or in the case of a booster for people vaccinated abroad with a vaccine not authorized by the EMA.

In our country, the vaccination with an additional dose was given on 20 September 2021, the one for the booster dose on 27 September. The DGC National Platform began issuing the new Additional Dose Certifications from early October 2021.

How long does the Super Green Pass last?

It is valid for nine months from the last vaccine administration or from the first coronavirus positivity. The basic Green Pass, on the other hand, is valid for 72 hours if released with a negative molecular buffer, 48 hours in the case of a negative antigenic buffer.

Is the Super Green Pass also valid in the white area?

Yes, it is essential to access indoor bars and restaurants, discos (in the white area with a capacity of 75% outdoors and 50% indoors), cinemas, theaters, weddings, public ceremonies, concerts, stadiums (with capacity at 75% for those outdoors and 60% for those indoors). In the yellow and orange zone it is necessary to avoid the restrictions provided for the regions or municipalities that end up in those bands. In the red zone, however, the limitations will apply to everyone.

In the white zone, in an indoor restaurant do you need the enhanced Green Pass?

Yes, it is required from December 6, 2021 to January 15, 2022. The Green Pass is not required for outdoor tables.

Now that the Green Pass lasts 9 months and not 12, does it have to be re-downloaded?

No, the duration of the Green Pass updates itself, automatically, so you won’t need to re-download it now. A different matter is when you make the second dose or the booster with the third dose: in that case it must be re-downloaded via the Io app, the Immuni app, the Green Certification website or through doctors, nurses, pharmacists.

For the Super Green Pass will a new app be needed to distinguish between vaccinated and “buffered”?

No, the VerificationC19 app will remain the same, it will not be necessary to acquire new applications or platforms. But the algorithm of the app itself that validates the Green Pass will be changed. Therefore it will presumably need to be updated.

If you don’t take the third dose right away, 5 months after the second, does the Super Green Pass expire?

No. The Green Pass lasts 9 months from the second dose. At the end of the 9 months it expires if you do not undergo the third dose. From that on it is valid for another 9 months.

Will children between 5 and 11 years old who will be vaccinated soon need to have the Green Pass?

No, it is not planned yet.

Do I need the Super Green Pass to go to work?

No, to access the workplace both in the public and in the private sector, the basic Green Pass obtained by undergoing an antigenic (valid for 48 hours) or molecular (valid for 72 hours) swab with negative results is also sufficient. Those who do not have it are considered unjustified absent: they have the right to keep the employment contract but not to salary or other contributions. The uncovered worker without the Green Pass inside the workplace risks suspension or an administrative sanction ranging from 600 to 1,500 euros. Those who do not check risk a fine of between 400 and 1,000 euros.

Do I need the Super Green Pass to eat in the canteen of the company or office where you work?

Yes. It will not be possible to eat inside with only the negative swab but it will be necessary to be vaccinated or cured from Covid.

What do you need to get on buses or subway trains?

The basic Green Pass is enough, i.e. the one obtained with a negative result of the antigenic or molecular buffer. Anyone who is vaccinated or cured will be able to show their Super Green Pass without the need for further testing.

And for regional trains?

The same rule applies as for local public transport: the basic Green Pass is also sufficient.

On Intercity and high-speed trains, on ferries and planes for which the Green Pass was already mandatory, will the Super Pass now be needed?

No. To travel also on long-distance means of transport it will be sufficient to show the basic Green Pass and then have a molecular swab with negative result (valid for 72 hours) or antigenic swab with negative result (valid for 48 hours). Those who are vaccinated or cured will show their enhanced Pass, without the need for further tests.

Does anyone who is exempt from vaccination for certified medical reasons have to swab to get on buses and subways?

No, sources of the Ministry of Health confirm that those who cannot get vaccinated for medical reasons are exempt from the obligation of the Green Pass and therefore also of the buffer to access transport, activities, work, places of culture. However, you must always carry the medical certificate certifying the exemption with you. The new circular of the Ministry of Health establishes that “the validity and the possibility of issuing exemption certificates for the anti-SarsCoV2 vaccination, for the uses provided for by current legislation, is extended until 31 December 2021”. The circular, signed by the Director of Prevention of the Ministry of Health Gianni Rezza, specifies that “it will not be necessary to reissue the certificates already issued”.

Subways and buses: will I have to pass the Green Pass on the turnstiles or show it to the driver?

No, the checks will be done on a random basis. In practice, checks on buses, trams, subways and regional trains should be carried out on a random basis and not individually for all those who board local public transport, as is the case, for example, on airplanes, trains and ships.

Is the Super Green Pass necessary to train in the gym or swim in the pool?

No. To enter the gym, swimming pool or other places where sports are practiced, the basic Green Pass is sufficient, and therefore also the one obtained with a negative buffer. The same goes for entering the changing rooms. Carers of non self-sufficient people due to age or disability are excluded from the certification obligation.

Can I go skiing with only the negative pad?

Yes, in the white or yellow area. In the orange zone, the reinforced Green Pass will be needed. In the red zone, the ski lifts will be closed for everyone.

Do I need to be vaccinated against Covid to stay in a hotel?

No, in the white area the reservation in a hotel room can also be made by showing the basic Green Pass and therefore having a molecular or antigenic pad with negative results.

Does anyone traveling with children staying in a hotel have to swab them if they are not vaccinated?

Only if they are aged 12 and over. On the other hand, children under 12 are exempt.

And to go to the supermarket, pharmacy or public office?

No, in this case the rules are the same as before. No Green Pass, not even basic, to go shopping, buy medicines, get a shave, cut your hair at the hairdresser or shop in stores. The mask remains mandatory since you are indoors or outdoors (for example in a local market) but where gatherings are likely.

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